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Win the Next Friday "Sub-Urban" Stack Pack of CDs!
including: Next Friday Soundtrack, New Snoop CD, and Ice Cube's "War".

HOW: Email  blackfilm.com your city and state along with answers to the questions below. Give us your best shot, and you may also be rewarded….  So check out the links and have Fun!
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Next Friday Soundtrack

What was the name of Ice Cube's first solo album?

  1. Amerikkka's Most Wanted
  2. The Chronic
  3. Death Certificate

What female rapper appears in Next Friday with Ice Cube?

  1. Yo-Yo
  2. Lady of Rage
  3. Lol' Kim

Along with Ice Cube, who comprises the West Side Connection?

  1. Mack-10 & Snoop
  2. Dr. Dre & Eminem
  3. Mack-10 & WC

Ice Cube is a former member of which rap group?

  1. Ruff Ryders
  2. N.W.O
  3. N.W.A

Now Send us your answers because
time is running out!

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