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August 2005
Connie Nielsen News

While in LA to promote her latest film, The Great Raid, Connie Nielsen spoke about her next few projects.

What do you have coming up next?

CN: “Ice Harvest” is coming up, and then “Return to Sender” and also “The Situation”. In “Ice Harvest”, I’m a strip joint owner in Kansas City and the film happens on Christmas Eve and there’s not a lot of customers in my place so I’m annoyed and really hate Christmas and then John Cusack’s character comes into my bar and he’s like one of those regulars who just watches the girls and leave, and this time I realize there’s something going on in him cause he’s sort of like an idiot and so he looks a little too happy with himself so I smell something’s up; and there’s two million dollars up that’s he stolen from a gangster and the film is all about who ends up with those two million dollars. His partner in crime is Billy Bob Thornton who’s the handler of my competition of strip clubs and there’s also some blackmail scheme in the whole thing with some politician who wants to ban strip clubs but was photographed having sex with a baby blonde kind of thing.

Will you be using a southern accent?

CN: No. Actually, we decided it would be more fun if she was one of those newly arrived eastern European girls so that she has that kind of “I have been places and I know stuff and no one can fool me”. She has survived communism so she knows what’s up; that kind of personality. I thought more in terms of Russia because some of those girls that come from over there, they are tough as nails.

And “Return to Sender”?

CN: “Return to Sender” is a death row drama based on a true story where this guy who was arrested for impersonating a person so that the death row, the ones who are gong to be executed would write him their last letter and he would sell them on auctions and I play a woman who’s a baby killer who comes up for execution and Aidan Quinn plays this guy who’s trying to get my confidence so he can get my letter and sell it but then he then realizes that there’s something wrong with my story and probably not who I say I am and he has to find out what that is and gets involve my life. The thing is that you write a lot about yourself in that last letter and there is a market for all kinds of letter and documents. There’s a huge market for the letters of the civil war. That kind of thing is a collector’s item so there’s a business in there and “The Situation” is a drama about the situation in Iraq where I play a journalist who is trying the story that will make it worth her while having been several months and just wants to have to some closure and wants to find one story that sort of explains what’s going on because she says that there was a road side explosion, the guy lost a hand and it’s lying in the dirt and this and this and that and so and so many people die inside a story. It does not tell us what’s going on over there. And she’s on a hunt for a story and you get to see all the different sides of the American military, the state department intelligent officials, the Iraqi politicians, the Iraqi normal people; you get to see them all and you get kaleidoscopic look at the situation in Iraq and it helped me so much to deal with my feelings about watching the news and not getting what in the hell is going on and all of a sudden after I read the script, that feeling evaporated and I felt that now I had some human understanding of who these people are and what’s going on and it’s a relief, and I went and did the movie.

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