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August 2005
Eugene Levy News

Eugene Levy news
While promoting his latest film, “The Man”, in Los Angeles, Eugene Levy spoke about doing another film with Christopher Guest and the rest of the gang.

Do you have any plans to work with Christopher Guest again?

Eugene Levy: Well, we’re doing our next film in October. It’s called “For Your Consideration” and it’s about people working on a small independent movie. When the magical word, “Oscar”, gets tossed into a conversation in regards to one of the actor’s performances in the movie and once the word gets dropped, you can’t shake it, and you can’t get it out of your head and permeates the production.

Are all the regulars coming back?

EL: Everybody’s back. Parker (Posey), Jennifer (Coolidge), Bob Balaban, Michael McKeon.

Any newcomers?

EL: Well, we had a couple of people in smaller roles in the last production bumped to larger roles. Chris Moniyhan. He was one of the main street singers in the last movie and Rachel Harris, who’s had very small roles in the last two movies, “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind”, a funny girl, is in it and Ricky Gervais (from British TV’s The Office) is coming. A little part for him in it.

Which character do you play in the film?

EL: I play an agent called Morley Orphkin, who ran this agency called DOA, the Dorfman Orphkin Agency, a talent agency and I represent one the actors in this independent movie.

Did you base it on your agent?

EL: No. I’m really not basing it on any person. We’re experiencing right now with the look of the guy. I try to start with the look and may go back to SCTV.

Is Christopher playing the director of the movie?

EL: Chris is playing the director of the movie. Yes, Jay Berman, a guy who came out of sitcom.

Who’s releasing the film?

EL: Castle Rock, Warner Bros.


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