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December 2005



John Singleton Is Honored With Special Achievement Award

Lions Gate Films' Crash

Los Angeles, CA (December 21, 2005) The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) released its Top 10 Films of 2005, today. The Paul Haggis-directed social drama “Crash” was chosen as the Number One film of the year, by the organization, which is comprised of African descended film critics and journalists who cover the movie industry.

“While not a perfect film "Crash" certainly struck a chord amongst filmgoers in showing the subtle and not so subtle racism that permeates all of our lives. “Crash” is a film that speaks to a society still grappling with the idea of tolerance”, says AAFCA Vice President Wilson Morales. “The film does a great job in delivering its intended message that even with our perceived differences, in matters where it really counts people are more alike than we’re not”.

Other films on the list include a variety of titles reflecting many genres. AAFCA’s list includes major studio films such as Christopher Nolan’s epic “Batman Begins” and the Johnny Cash bio-pic “Walk the Line”, alongside independent vehicles like “The Constant Gardner” “Hustle and Flow” and “Good Night, Good Luck”.

“The films selected for 2005 boldly reflect a bridge towards tolerance,” said AAFCA President Gil Robertson, IV. The film industry made great strides this year to explore the multiple shades and varieties of humanity. What “Crash”, “Brokeback Mountain” and “North Country” all share is the expression of the universal similarities we all have.”

The Association bestowed its "Achievement Honor" to filmmaker John Singleton. “2005 was a banner year for John Singleton who produced “Hustle & Flow” and directed “Four Brothers”. “Throughout his career, John has always made films that provide audiences with a view of the various nuances of African American life”, says Robertson. “He has also created tons of opportunity for rising African descended talent to showcase their skills.

This year, because of “Hustle & Flow” mainstream Hollywood finally took note of the awesome talents of Terrence Howard, who this year also earned recognition from AAFCA as Best Actor.

In a surprise move, Felicity Huffman earned recognition from AAFCA’s as Best Actress. “It was the unanimous opinion of our board that her performance in “Transamerica,” was simply the best performance delivered by an actress this year,” notes Robertson. Although our organization pays special attention to performances made by African- descend performers, in the end, merit carries the day and Ms. Huffman is undeniably amazing with her performance.”

“The films released in 2005 overall represented a slight setback in terms of the variety and content quality seen on screen in 2004”, continues Mr. Robertson, IV. “The absence of quality roles for African descended women was especially disappointing. We also took note of an equally disturbing trend of the romantic pairings of black actors with non-black partners. Although such pairings are a fact of life, we would like to see greater balance from Hollywood as they create stories and images that are reflective of our community.”

The complete list of AAFCA’s Top Ten Films of 2005 follows.

1. Crash
2. The Constant Gardener
3. Good Night, Good Luck
4. Brokeback Mountain
5. Syriana
6. Walk the Line
7. Hustle and Flow
8. Capote
9. Batman Begins
10. North Country


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