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April 2006

Queen Latifah set to star in "Welfare Queen"

Source: Variety
April 12, 2006

Queen Latifah will star in "Welfare Queen" -- a fact-based story of a woman who scammed the welfare system out of a fortune -- as part of the first-look deal her company, Flavor Unit, has signed with Focus Features and its genre division, Rogue Pictures.

"Welfare Queen", based on the life of Dorothy Woods, will be produced by Flavor Unit with Edmonds Entertainment. Abdul Williams is writing the script.

"This is the first major deal we've signed with a studio, and we did it because we felt confident we could go from 'Welfare Queen' to 'Horror in the Hamptons,' which is a script by Alex Mirkin about a bunch of 16-year-olds chopping each other up," Latifah told the trade. "We get our hands on a lot of material we can do well, and our dream is to work up to producing three movies a year. The deal isn't based on me being in every film."

Flavor Unit, which started 17 years ago as a music management business, gradually transitioned to features and has credits that include Bringing Down the House, The Cookout and Beauty Shop.

Latifah and her partner, Shakim Compere, plan to develop several genre-spanning projects that include the Michael Sinder-scripted Reality Sucks, a spoof of reality shows.





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