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June 2006
Patricia Field speaks

Patricia Field speaks
June 19, 2006

While promoting her part as the costume designer for "The Devil Wears Prada", Patricia Field, who's known for creating look for "Sex in The City" shed some light as to her recent departure from the film, The Girls' Guide to Hunting & Fishing, which stars Sarah Michelle Geller and Alec Baldwin. According to the Lowdown column in the New York Daily News, Field left the movie’s production, saying Baldwin’s bad behavior is to blame for her departure.

What really happened? Were you fired or did you choose to leave?

Patricia Fields: I left

Was it because Alec was impossible to work with?

PF: No, it was because the movie run by a bunch of amateurs, except for the two actors (Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar), who were experienced, and it just turned into a disorganized mess. So I left. I stayed with it really long, and it was disorganized from the beginning. I want to say this very clearly, but it wasn't Alec Baldwin. It was the whole picture. Disorganzined and really difficult. I left three weeks before the end. It was done.

Will you still get credit for the work you put in?

PF: I don't want the credit. I will not get the credit cause I left, but it doesn't matter.

Is this the first time in your career that you ever left a project?

PF: Yes, it's the first time

So what did you learn from this experience?

PF: Nothing. It was just one bad apple in a bunch of great apples. No big deal.



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