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August 2006

Description: Queen Latifah, Terrence Howard, Gabrielle Union, and Morris Chestnut star in film directed by Lance Rivera.

August 8, 2006

Blackfilm.com is reporting that Queen Latifah, Terrence Howard, Gabrielle Union, and Morris Chestnut will be in "The Perfect Christmas", directed by Lance Rivera (The Cookout). Written by Rivera and Marc Calixte, the film also features Charlie Murphy, Faizon Love, Jill Marie Jones, Malik Hammond, and Khail Bryant.

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS is a heart-warming holiday story of Nancy (played by Gabrielle Union - "Daddy's Little Girl" & “Bring it On”), a loving single mother of three who falls for Benjamin (Morris Chestnut – “Best Man", “Like Mike” & “Breakin’ All the Rules”), a talented but struggling songwriter who is working part-time as a mall Santa. Conflicts arise when her oldest son, 10 year old John-John, convinces his younger brother and sister to join him in mischievous plots and schemes against their mother’s new boyfriend in the hopes that she will reunite with his hero - their rap-mogul father J-Jizzy (Charlie Murphy). Being narrated by Queen Latifah in a magical role of “Mother Christmas” opposite Terrence Howard, who plays a hard-to-dislike Scrooge-ish character named “Bah-Humbug”, THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS successfully brings together all the elements that will make this a Holiday Classic.







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