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November 2006
FANTASTIC FOUR sequel update

FANTASTIC FOUR sequel update
Beau Garrett talk about on her character, Frankie Raye

November 19, 2006

While in LA to promote her latest film, "Turistas", actress Beau Garrett gave blackfilm.com some insight as to her character, Frankie Raye, in the "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer".

What's your role in the "Fastastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"?

Beau Garrett: I play Frankie Raye. She's a military brat, who grew up in the military. She works under General Hager, who's play by Andre Braugher and we come in to cooperate with the Fantastic Four to stop these events that are happening in the world and try to save the world . She then becomes a superhero so I've been told. It doesn't happen in the film.

Do you know what superpowers you have?

BG: The character in the comics says that somehow she and the Human Torch are actually related. There's something with her father if you are aware of the comics from what I've learned from few people who are huge fans of the comics. She has a fire power. She burst flames.

Will you be doing that in the film?

BG: No, but I hope they bring me back. I want to throw flames.

How's filming in Vancouver?

BG: Compared to "Turistas", it's night and day. This is a huge studio movie. The trailer is massive. Shooting the film in general... there's so much time and everyone's great. Everyone's wonderful, but with green screen, I've never done that; so that was very interesting to do that.

Have you read about your character now that you are playing the role?

BG: In all honesty, I haven't been very good about it. For a while, I went to the website, www.superherohype.com that's very devoted to it and I've learned a lot about her and the characters and what people have written. I just looked at the website and found a lot about the character.



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