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November 2006
First Look: The Hunting Party

mvFirst Look: The Hunting Party

Release Date: September 7, 2007 (NY, LA; limited: Sept. 14; wide: Sept. 21)
Distributor: The Weinstein Co.
Director: Richard Shephard
Producers: Mark Johnson, Scott Kroopf
Screenwriter: Richard Shephard, based on an Esquire article by Scott Anderson
Composer: Rolfe Kent
Cast: Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Kruger


The Bosnia-set drama is drawn from an Esquire magazine article by Scott Anderson about journalists Sebastian Junger and John Falk, who made a half-hearted attempt to catch Radovan Karadzic, an alleged architect of ethnic cleansing. The comic thriller follows a young journalist (Eisenberg), a seasoned cameraman (Howard) and a discredited journalist (Gere) who embark on an unauthorized mission to find the No. 1 war criminal in Bosnia. They find themselves in serious jeopardy when they are mistaken as a CIA hit squad and their target decides to come after them.


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