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November 2006

by Wilson Morales

November 20, 2006

While in LA to promote his latest film, "Turistas", actor Josh Duhamel, who also stars in NBC's television series, "Vegas", spoke to blackfilm.com about his upcoming role in Michael Bay's Transformers.

What role do you play in "Transformers"?

Josh Duhamel: I play Captain Lennox and I'm captain of this special ops team in Iraq and we're coming back from this mission and we're about ready to start going home when Vortex comes in as a U.S helicopter and basically transforms and incinerates the base. So then we run for the desert and somehow end up finding our way back and get into communication with the U.S and they come get us, and then we go back.

Was this the first time you have worked behind blue screen?

JD: We didn't do much blue screen. It was a lot of big sticks with tennis balls on them, but not a lot of blue and green screen.

Did you know that "Transformers" has a huge fan base?

JD: I didn't realized it. I was a fan of it as a kid too, but I didn't realize that it was that big still. He told he was going to do it. I was actually in a meeting at Michael Bay's office for the movie "Hitcher" which they just shot, and I was meeting his two partners, and Michael Bay pops his head and said, "Hey, how are you doing?" I shook his hand and I had never met him before and we sit down and we're all talking and he tells me about this movie, "Transformers". I couldn't believe they were making that movie because I remember was the cartoon. Two months had passed and I get a call from his office saying he wants to see me for this movie, for this part of Lennox. So I go in and he starts showing me all the art work that they have and it's so cool some of the stuff that's laying and it's so much more advanced than I could even imagine. Now I get why they are making this movie; because it's so much modern than it was before.

TRANSFORMERS opens on July 4, 2007

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