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January 2007

First Look:

Director: James C. Strouse
Screenwriter: James C. Strouse
Cast: John Cusack, Mary K. Place, Alessandro Nivola


GRACE IS GONE finds Stanley Philips (John Cusack), a patriot and father of two, in an awful dilemma when he learns that his wife, Grace, has been killed while serving in the war in Iraq. How will he tell his daughters that their mother is gone? Stanley buys a little time by taking the girls on an impromptu road trip to a theme park in Florida. Along the way he has a brief, contentious visit with his liberal brother (Alessandro Nivola) and struggles with his own grief, seeking solace by calling in to his home answering machine, which still bears the voice of his wife.

In movies like SAY ANYTHING and HIGH FIDELITY, characters played by John Cusack have shown a generation of young men how to get the girl and then maintain some sense of dignity when the relationship ends. With GRACE IS GONE, Cusack has found a way to show that same generation of men how to be a grownup and a father in challenging times.

An exercise in restraint and emotional truth, GRACE IS GONE was written by James Strouse (LONESOME JIM) and is Strouse’s directorial debut. The film is produced by Plum Pictures and New Crime Productions and financed by Hart-Lunsford Pictures.

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