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May 2007

Cedric the Entertainer add to the cast that stars Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker

By: Wilson Morales

May 22, 2007

While speaking to Cedric the Entertainer on the set of his new film, The Better Man, which is being directed by Malcolm Lee, he mentioned to blackfilm.com that after completing this film, he will take on a serious role in "Night Watch" opposite Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker. Directed by David Ayer, who wrote "Training Day" and helmed "Harsh Times", the story centers on a veteran LAPD cop (Reeves), who not only turned to the bottle after his wife's death, but is framed by his former mentor (Whitaker) in the murder of a fellow officer.

Cedric: I'm doing this movie that's shooting in LA called "Night Watch". David Ayer is directing it. I play an informant named Scribbles. There are all these corrupt cops and they getting information from this modern day "Huggy Bear", but it's not comedic. I'm a street guy and I'm on some drugs a little bit. The director said that this would be a great serious role for me.

Already cast in the film are Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Terry Crews, rapper-actor Common, and most recently Naomie Harris. "Night Watch" will be released by Fox Searchlight sometime in 2008.







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