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June 2007

An Interview with Master P

by Wilson Morales

June 27, 2007

Percy Miller aka Master P has certainly done well for himself by himself. Not only has he been successful as a music producer, actor, basketball player, but he’s done well as a philanthropist, donating money during the crisis following Hurricane Katrina. Each one of his entities is a chapter of success and has its own story but when it comes to films, he’s still growing as an actor and producer. Since most of his films go straight to DVD, some of them don’t the get the attention. His latest film, “Uncle P”, Master P plays himself as he becomes the guardian of his sister's three children - all of whom need a father figure in their lives. In speaking with blackfilm.com, Master P talks about playing himself in a film and the joys of putting this film together on his own.

How did you come up with the idea of playing yourself?

Master P: You know what, I felt that this story reminded me of a family member, an uncle, and I wanted to bring him to life because this guy was so good with his sister’s kids and he was like a fish out of water. He comes from a whole different world; and just being able to see that, I was like that I really want to showcase that because they always talk about the black films that are negative and fathers not paying child support or spending enough time with the kids. This movie, “Uncle P”, is a way that could really open up the eyes of the guys that are really taking care of their family. There are a lot of them out there.

You put this film together. Any challenges in doing so?

Master P: The most interesting challenge is that you are an independent filmmaker and you come into a world where things are done a certain way, so you really have to go out and make this movie on your own. That’s what I did. I found a portal to get it into the marketplace which is New Line, and it was a great thing for me. That was the biggest challenge, finding a home to get the film out in the marketplace.

With as many films that you have done over the years, do you think you will get the right marketing for this film?

Master P: I think I’m growing every time. I think Hollywood is taking me serious with this movie and all of the other films that I did and the imprint that I’m starting in Hollywood cinema, which is www.hollywoodcinema.com and we’re doing some amazing movies. After this film, I’m doing a film with Tony Cox called ‘The Mail Man”. That’s going to be an hilarious movie.

Did you ever think about being in a mainstream film like when you did “Hollywood Homicide” with Harrison Ford?

Master P: I think “The Mail Man” is going to be as mainstream as it gets. I think it’s going to be a big blockbuster movie.

Can you talk about working with your son, Romeo, and watching him grow and turn into an actor and athlete?

Master P: It’s amazing. You see your kid and you try to figure out how is he going to cross over to the next level and right now, the stuff that he’s been doing…he’s talking to Will Smith a lot and Will said that he’s doing all the right things. He could be the next Will Smith and watching him blossom is incredible. I think it’s just great to work with your family.

How was it working with Cheech Marin?

Master P: He’s a funny guy. It was great. He’s a great actor.

“Uncle P” is a comedy. Do you see yourself as a comedian?

Master P: I think everybody has some comedian in him. With me doing the Nickelodeon show and “Dancing with the Stars”, I think I am as comedian as it gets. I can both, the street films and the comical films. I got another movie coming out “Black Superman” and that’s a comedy, so you’re really going to see me get my comedy on.

How do you try to balance doing films and keeping up with the music side of your life?

Master P: I think the most important thing is to take it one step at a time and growing with what you do. If you don’t grow with what you do, it doesn’t matter anyway. If you take your time… and it’s all different, the movies, the music…it’s all entertainment, but it’s a different moment. You can’t take it and put the same emphasis on each other. To make a movie, it’s way more difficult to make a record.

How long did it take to shoot “Uncle P”?

Master P: It took about two months.

And the music?

Master P: With the music, it’s different. You might go into the studio one day and not come out til next week. That’s what I mean when it’s more difficult. When you are making a movie, you have to plan it. You have to schedule it to come in and knock it out. You have to be there and have to wear the same clothes and your hair has to look the same. It’s a lot different than just going in there and making a record.

With your new music, what’s the message that you are trying to get out?

Master P: To grow and mature. I think everyone understands that. You have to think about doing the right thing and what can you do to help change and save one of these kids. I think that’s the most important thing.

What do you want folks to get out of “Uncle P”?

Master P: I’m just trying to add family values to folks. You have to appreciate while you can. Life is too short for you to be sitting around and worried about the wrong thing.



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