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July 2007
SAW IV Update

SAW IV update
by Wilson Morales and Danny Alves of www.iesb.net

Clip shown of SAW IV at San Diego Comic Con
by Wilson Morales

July 26, 2007

Lionsgate is at Comic Con and for the last few years, they have entertained the fans with footage and scenes from the upcoming slate. One of the films is SAW IV. They were happy to show a clip of the film, which we believe is the opening scene.

As we open up in a dark room, the same bathroom trap in the previous films, we see two men with chains around their necks and in the middle is a large iron device. One man has eyes sown shut while the other (Justin Louis) has mouth stapled. As the blindman awakens, he panics and calls out for help, thus awakening the mute, who can only respond in muffled breaths.

Without a response, the blindman panics more and see weapons laid out on the ground, and throwing them at the mute, who wobbles around the objects trying to defend himself. One of the weapons touches the middle device, it activates and brings the chains closer together. Seasawing their way from the device. The mute sees a key attached to the chain collar of the blindman and grabs a crowbar to get near him. With reluctantancy, he bludgeons the blindman with blood splattering from his head and frees himself.

SAW IV opens on October 26, 2007



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