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July 2007
An Interview with Ali Larter

An Interview with Ali Larter

By Denzel Walkes




July 31, 2007

If Ali Larter isn’t wowing you on the small screen as Niki/ Jessica Sanders in TV’s Heroes, then she certainly will when she stars along with Milla Jovovich in ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’. When you do a sci-film show and film, you instantly get a fan base and with the success of the show and Resident franchise, I’m pretty sure the fans will welcome into the fold. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Larter pulled double duty when she showed up with the Heroes cast to a packed room of 2000. Apparently there were over 10,000 standing on line trying to get in. Then she came back to another room of 6000 with Milla Jovovich to help promote ‘Resident’. In the film, she plays Claire Redfield, a red haired woman who is seeking to find her brother with the aid of Alice and company. While speaking to blackfilm.com at the Comic Con, Larter talked about her character, filming in Mexico, and the difference between Resident Evil and Heroes.

Do you feel like your career is really exploding right now with all of your recent (sci-fi) work?

Ali Larter: I don’t really think of Heroes as just a sci-fi, it’s more of a human drama to me. (Also) I don’t really mentalize things like that I get attracted to a character and whatever genre that may lie in that’s where I’m going to go.

Are you having fun?

AL: Always, especially this movie we were down in Mexico. It was just an indulgence and I hope that people go see this movie and they get a big bucket of popcorn and a big coke or sour patch and just enjoy it. It’s a ride, it’s going to fun, it’s going to excite you and scare you. I like being in entertainment that makes people get going.

How was it for you in Mexico?

AL: It was HOT. It was some of the most extraordinary heat and excruciating heat that I’ve ever felt in my life. It was 128 degrees people where dropping like flies. It would’ve never flown if we were shooting in the states, it was intense but we went for it and I definitely believe it brought a reality to this movie that you would not have had if we had shot it on a set or on a stage.

Where did you find the time between this and Heroes to film?

AL: It was right after the pilot. They were luckily able to fit it in for the six weeks I had between going and starting up on the show. I remember calling him and saying I really wanted to be part of this. We don’t know what’s going to happen we didn’t know yet if the show was going to go. We knew that I wanted to be a part of this movie and Milla is such a fun amazing actress and to kind of hop on to this with her has been incredible.

When did you guys know that Heroes was going to be a hit?

AL: I guess around the fourth or fifth because there started to be a response. We were shooting the sixth or seventh episode before we were on the air and we were well into the season and just into our characters it’s been a very exciting ride but in truth for me I feel lucky that there is great writing and that I’m stimulated by the script.

How did you feel about the paintings?

AL: It’s so cool, Tim Sale is such a talented artist and to watch him get an idea and to put that into reality and watch him make that and I think he is just really talented.

How exciting is it to be in this franchise?

AL: What’s interesting about this business is that people are like oh you chose to do this or you decided to do these things. You know (if) you are Brad Pitt or Milla Jovovich then you get to plan this but I’m just an actress that has been lucky to work over the years but I haven’t been typically been able to pick and choose, I mean I’m choosey about what I do but it’s really about timing and a kind of synergy that happens you’re auditioning, you’re available, the script you respond to, the director believes in you, the studio approves you, you can work it into your schedule. I mean it’s all these different things that kind of form together and I feel like when the movie comes out, it’s amazing and there’s so many different elements that go into it. With this trilogy I’m just excited to come in and be part of it and I know people love these movies. There is something fun for me being in movies that people like.

Were you into comic books before Resident Evil and Heroes?

AL: I’ve never been into comic books, no. Heroes was my first venture into it and my first experience was at Comic-Con last year and I was totally blown away by the heart and spirit of all the fans. This is one of my favorite things to do of the year to get down here. I just feel like people get to come down here and indulge in their fantasies and be anyone they want to be. In everyday life people have to put on their uniforms and go to work and fit into this box there’s something about comic-con that people can just indulge in their fantasies and I love that.

Do you think your character is at real?

AL: I think that’s what struck a chord is that our characters are very much based in reality and at the same time we give you this dream aspect. That comes in this type of real world that makes you believe that some one can come in and help us. I think that watching the news and every paper that you pick up there is this pressure that we all feel on us subliminally and visually and in so many different ways.

Do you have more time to do movies with the filming of Heroes?

AL: I hope so, it would be on hiatus. We’ll see how that works out and we are about to start the fifth episode of the season and I would love to keep doing movies but at the same time this year we couldn’t do our schedules. So we’ll see what happens because you don’t want to get worked up and get your heart set on something and most of all, most of the cast feels like we are just really lucky to be part of this thing that is happening with the show and the opportunities that it gives us we may not of had before it.

Do you have anything signed for movies?

AL: No, no not yet. I’m reading there are a couple that I want so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Can you choose your own films and roles now?

AL: I feel like this is the first time I feel like I’ve been able to be a little choosey. I’ve been so lucky my career to do the movies and to have opportunities I’ve had. I’d like to try diving into the romantic comedy. I laugh a lot I’m really goofy, I’m really clumsy and so I’d like to show that side of myself a little more and explore that. I would love to do a thriller everything from The Pelican Brief to Kiss the Girls to getting something like that would be amazing I hope to have a really long career and get to explore all these things, but I’m truly just inspired by the writing of the character and make me feel, make me cry.

Did you know that Heroes is shown all over the world?

AL: When I found out that we were going to be airing in 175 territories I was just blown away and I mean some of the cast got to travel over the hiatus, then my boyfriend was in Sweden. They are everywhere I guess the posters are all over the blogs hit on an international level and I’m part of the Asian world tour, they’re send heroes on a world tour and I’m so excited just to get out there and to meet the people. I mean to be part of anything that gets that kind of acclaim and that people are interested in is just really exciting I’ve been in this business for ten years this is definitely an exciting time of life for me.

What is the difference between filming a show and a movie?

AL: First off the format of the movies I prefer because I like to have a beginning, a middle and an end. To plan on a character to work on that I really respond to. Versus television where the pace is fast, so when you are talking about doing an emotional scene I love working in television because there aren’t four hours to relight you are in it you are shooting and maybe there a half an hour for another set up so you can stay in that world. There are definitely pluses and minuses to both but I’ll try to do a hybrid at some point take the best of both.

Who are some actresses that inspire you?

AL: from everyone from Jessica Lang who I love, Blue Sky. I mean I really respond to women who embrace their sexuality and don’t apologize for it, woman that are bold, woman that break barriers, woman who don’t apologize for who they are, so I love that so I love Robin. Jean Moreau I’m doing a study on her right now. Hillary Swank. You know like just bold women, fun for me to watch, inspire me.

So you like pushing the envelope?

AL: Yeah and I feel as I’m getting older I just have more confidence in myself to try to do those things instead of trying to fit into the perfect little box that Hollywood wants you to be like stay quiet be a good little girl and I’m like NO! I have things to say so we’ll where it takes me.

Did you like Mexico City?

AL: I loved Mexico City. One of the favorite cities I ever been to in my life I had the best week down there danced all night long at Love I don’t even know if it’s still around, drank tons of champagne, it was amazing, the people were fun, it was sexy I hope to get back there. So have them ask for me to come hopefully resident evil will send me down there.




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