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November 2007
An Exclusive Interview with Lauren London

An Exclusive Interview with Lauren London

By Wilson Morales

November 19, 2007

With only ‘ATL’ and an appearance on ‘Entourage’ as vehicles that have launched her career, Lauren London has found a quick audience that is fond of her beauty and talent. But this young starlet is still growing in the business and taking on film roles that will help her be a better actress. In her latest film, London is a part of an ensemble that makes ‘This Christmas’ a wonderful film for a family to enjoy. Directed by Preston Whitmore, the film also stars Delroy Lindo, Loretta Devine, Chris Brown, Regina King, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, Sharon Leal, Mekhi Phifer, David Banner, and Laz Alonso.

Playing one of the youngest siblings in the household, London’s character Mel comes home from college with her latest boyfriend, played by Keith Robinson, to celebrate Christmas with her family and during the holiday festivities, problems arise within the family that need to be solve before anyone can enjoy themselves.

In speaking exclusively with blackfilm.com, London talks working on the film filled with such talent, learning from them, and being normal amidst today’s blog world.

When you work with large cast filled with years of experience in this business, what do you hope to get out of it?

Lauren London: Really, I’m hoping to pick something from each person like Loretta (Devine), Delroy (Lindo), Regina (King) and Mekhi (Phifer); just something from each of them that I can take to my next movie. It’s all learning experience. I hope to become a better actress from learning from them.

Was there anything you wanted to add to your character that would make you feel comfortable playing her?

LL: I sort of wanted to make her more earthy, more bohemian. I don’t think that was the way they wanted to go but I’m cool with how she came out. I know she was very open for me to put my essence inside of her.

Do you think the dinner table scene was enough to define your character?

LL: It definitely told you about her personality and her drive; and that’s a big part of anyone’s character.

What you like about the Christmas holiday?

LL: I do love the food, and the laughter, and the egg nog and the dream. Everyone’s together. Everyone’s off of work and no one is stressed about working the next day and we are all having a good time.

How was the shoot in LA? Since this is your hometown, were you glad you didn’t have to travel far?

LL: You know what, I’ve done in Atlanta and I’ve done a movie out here. I like traveling somewhere else because the distraction of home isn’t around you; and plus you get per diem out of town. In LA, I would have to drive myself home from night shoots and it’s really tiring. You are much more responsible when you are filming from your hometown. When you are out of town, there’s someone there to pick you up. I rather do it out of town.

How do you choose the projects that you want to do?

LL: It’s really a good intuition choice. Is it good for me or how can I grow as an actor? I just don’t want to do films just to do it although work does give you other work. I’ve turned down some projects recently because I didn’t want to keep doing the same film over and over again. It wasn’t going to be a big stretch for me or a stretch at all. So I’m very choosy as to what can I grab at this as actress.

Have you wondered whether producers want to cast you as an actress or because of your beauty?

LL: I don’t get caught up in that because whether someone chooses me for a film because of how they think I look or because they think I’m a good actress, my job is to be a good actress. At the end of the day, my job is on the screen and to perform and that’s why I’m there.

As you are currently taking acting classes, what are you from there to help you be a better actress that’s different from what you are learning when you shoot a film?

LL: They are so different. You think you know something when you get on a set and you’re like, ‘This is new’. Class is a way to exercise the muscle. It’s a form of exorcise, a form of getting comfortable and getting in there more and trying new ideas, so when you do get on the set, you are free and open. Your instrument has been tuned up. Rather than being cold and not working on yourself and your arc, you are frozen. Class is a way to exorcise my arm and do what I do.

Was there anything you did during the shoot that you had fun doing?

LL: You know what. Hanging out with Chris (Brown) and Columbus (Short) and Regina (King) and Sharon (Leal) and it sounds cliché, but the times we had off-set and in-between takes were the most fun times. I really had a good time with them. Granted, it’s rare that you get on a film and take lifelong friends with you. I know on ‘ATL’ I still talk to a lot of cast members from that film and I’m close with the girls who played the twins. I talk to Jackie Long almost every day as well; and with this film I bonded with Regina and Chris, so I’ve been blessed.

As you mentioned ‘ATL’, do you still connect with T.I. and see how’s he’s doing amidst his ongoing problems with the law.

LL: T.I is a friend of mine and I haven’t had a chance to talk to him personally to know how he’s feeling, so it would be unfair for me to make a statement.

Any chance we’ll see you on any other TV program like you did on ‘Entourage’?

LL: I’m open to it if it’s a good role. I don’t necessarily see myself on TV as a series regular because I love films but I think I will; my career is just starting and there’s so much more for me to dabble.

After your episodic work on ‘Entourage’, did you notice a change in your career?

LL: Yeah. I held a lot of meetings after ‘Entourage’. It’s been a good response. I only did 2 episodes and it made such an impact. It was a blessing and I was happy to be a part of that.

Can you talk about the campaign with Cassie? How’s that going?

LL: Fun. It’s different for me. I’ve never seen myself as a spokeswoman for a clothing line or modeling, so it’s been a new experience and that’s what my career is as of right now. These new experiences and projects are shaping me to what I will become.

With the emergence of blogs and more photographers out there, are you careful as to what you do once you step out of your house?

LL: People will say what they want to say. I’m my mother’s child and she’s going to love me whatever I do unconditionally. I know who I am. I could be the nun and they will still talk. I just try to live my life the best way I know how and don’t let that influence what I do because I am a good person and I do good deeds and I’m not out there running reckless or doing drugs and anything they try to expose. I’m not looking to expose other things that might not be true. They’re not going to know any truth unless they know me.

‘THIS CHRISTMAS’ opens on November 21, 2007



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