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February 2008
STAR TREK update


STAR TREK update

Eric Bana opens up on his 'cameo' role in 'Star Trek'
by Wilson Morales

While promoting his latest film, 'The Other Boleyn', where he will play King Henry VIII opposite Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana spoke to blackfilm.com about the comments he recently made about his 'cameo' role as Nero in the new 'Star Trek' film.

You recently said that Nero is only a cameo role in 'Star Trek'. Is Nero not the main villain? What can you tell us about that?

Eric Bana: Well, I guess it sort of is. I guess in the context of the roles I usually do, it's the lightest. It's not one of those roles where I'm carrying the movie is what I'm saying. I feel that I'm very much in a supporting role. I'm not one of the main guys, but it's nice to be offered a part like that.

Why did you want to do it?

EB: I couldn't resist. I read and I know J.J (Abrams) pretty well and there was no way. It was too much fun.

Are you a trekkie?

EB: I liked the show. I like the original as a kid. I loved it. I haven't seen a lot of the movies since but I was a fan of the original series. Even if I was crazy about the original series, it wouldn't have been enough to make me sign on to a film I didn't want to do. Actually, I read the script and said, 'That's an awesome script, and it's J.J and it could be a good time to play a character like that'. It was a real easy decision. It also takes a lot of pressure of yourself; so I kept telling myself that it's a cameo.




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