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October 2008

Essence Atkins And Letoya Luckett To Do 'Preachers Kid'
by Wilson Morales

October 17, 2008

While speaking to Essence Atkins on her role in 'Love For Sale', which comes out on DVD next on Oct. 21st, she mentioned that she's set to a do an independent film, a musical, called 'Preacher's Kid'. Also featured in the film are R&B singer Tank, Ella Joyce, Clifton Powell, and Gospel singer Kierra "Kiki" Sheard, and Letoya Luckett. The film will be written and directed by Stan Foster.

Tired of being a Preacher's daughter and longing to experience more of life, 20-something Angie King strikes out on her own for the very first time and joins a traveling gospel show. In this modern-day rendition of the fable of The Prodigal Son, she soon discovers life on the road is tough but fears going home with nothing to show for herself, or worse, to a father who no longer loves her...

Atkins is mostly known for her work on numerous TV shows, including the long-running sitcom 'Half and Half'.
Luckett is an American R&B singer-songwriter, who earlier this year starred in the play, 'Rumors'.

Filming will be starting this month in Atlanta.

Essence Atkins: It's basically about the world of gospel circuit plays and a girl who gets enticed by that world and leaves her background behind. She leaves her father, who's a pastor of a church, to go off in this world and what happens to her there. It's a musical, but I'm one of the few actors who is not singing in the film. I don't want people to think that I'm crossing over and ready to cut an album. I'll be in Atlanta shooting the film until Thanksgiving.


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