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October 2008
LOVE FOR SALE | An Interview with Jackie Long

An Interview with Jackie Long
by Wilson Morales

October 20, 2008

Coming out on DVD on Oct.21 is a new comedy that stars Jackie Long, Mya, Melyssa Ford, Jason Weaver, and Essence Atkins called 'Love For Sale', which was directed by Russ Parr.

Hardworking and eager to get ahead, Trey (Jackie Long) just can’t seem to catch a break. Caught up in a dead end job, Trey wants to go to college, but the cash just isn’t there. When the girl of his dreams (singer Mya) gives him the brush off, Trey is willing to try just about anything to get his life on track. Opportunity knocks in the form of Katherine, a seductive older woman (Melyssa Ford) willing to “show him the money” in return for some very “personal delivery services.” Trey thinks he’s hit the jackpot, but things prove a lot more complicated than he anticipated. If Trey wants to follow his dreams, he’ll have to stop his life from spinning out of control first.

Jackie Long has been seen in films such as 'ATL', and 'Showstoppers', and will be seen in the upcoming films 'Soul Men' with Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson and 'Hurricane Season' with Forest Whitaker, Bow Wow, Isaiah Washington, and Lil' Wayne. In speaking to Blackfilm.com, Long talks about his role in the film, working with Russ Parr, and his upcoming films.

What is your role?

Jackie Long: I'm the hustler who wants to live good off the right people, and in the process of doing that, I run into some fun, which leads to other fun. I think everyone would want to be Trey when they see this movie.

What attracted you to the film?

JL: I did this because the script was amazing and I had seen a movie that (director) Russ Parr did called 'Something Like a Business' and I liked what he did. So when he called me to do the movie, I read the script, and he was telling me all the people he wanted attached to it, and I always wanted to work with Jason Weaver again. We did 'ATL' together. I've always been a fan of Mya's singing, and I'm extremely a big fan of Clifton Powell. I just wanted to be a part of it.

This film puts you in a lead role. How does that make you feel?

JL: Honestly, I definitely feel great. I thank Russ Parr and everyone else that see me as a leading man. I thought it was a good role to take. I think I can play the leading man in films. It was a blessing to get this role. Hopefully, lots of people will see me in this.

How was working with the actresses (Mya, Melyssa Ford, and Essence Atkins) in the film?

JL: Well, all of them have a career in different outlets but in the acting world, they all did their thing. I'm not even going to lie about that.

Most of the films that you have done are comedies. Do you consider yourself a comedic actor?

JL: I definitely see myself as a comedic and I don't. I played a dramatic role in 'ATL', and I was funny in 'Idlewild', and 'The Comeback' was a spoof. I can do anything.

What did you from Russ Parr while working on this film?

JL: Russ is the type of director that lets you be you. He lets you be free with the character. If he likes where you are going with the character, he'll work it in the script. Deep down, I think he wants to be an actor, but he's better at directing. If he ever needs me for another film, I'll be there for him.

How was working with Bernie Mac in 'Soul Men'?

JL: Working with Bernie was like watching myself. He's at where I want to be and what I want to do. I've always been a fan of Bernie Mac and his comedy to me is brilliant. Watching him was like a little kid getting his first piece of candy. I was in Heaven. Bless his soul, I wish he was here to see the film. With this film, his fans will see what he left the world. He was amazing and all I will do is live up to his dream and keep doing what he was supporting to keep doing. I really thank God for letting me be on the set of that movie. I got to watch and learn what Bernie Mac did for this world.

What's your role in 'Hurricane Season'?

JL: In 'Hurricane Season', I play one of the players that lived through Hurricane Katrina and is going through some drama, like losing your family friends. I have nowhere to sleep, and living in a FEMA trailer with like 30 people and there's like 11 people on a bed, and just trying to survive. I'm the heart of the movie. It comes out on Christmas Day and it was a pleasure and an honor to work with Forest Whitaker. I love where my career is going and I wouldnt want to change it for the world.

Why should anyone pick up 'Love For Sale'?

JL: If you want to see someone with a pretty smile, then you will like this film.


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