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October 2008
Beyonce News

Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman on the big screen
by Wilson Morales

Source: LA Times -

November 7, 2008

With so many big name actors getting into the comic book film genre and having their films doing quite well at the box office, saying 'yes' to star in such a film is no longer a bad thing. Just look at what has happened to the careers of Robert Downey Jr., Ed Norton, Jeff Bridges, and Terrence Howard recently. With 'Iron Man', 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'The Dark Knight' making well over $200 million dollars worldwide, who wouldn't want to get that exposure and reap the rewards.

In an exclusive interview with the LA Times, pop singer/ actress Beyonce stated that she too wants to get her foot in that genre and wants to play Wonder Woman on the big screen. Beyoncé says that she has met with representatives of DC Comics and Warner Bros. to express her interest in a major role in one of the many comic-book adaptations now in the pipeline following the massive success of 'The Dark Knight'" 'Iron Man' and the 'Spider-Man' and 'X-Men' franchises.

She goes on to say that she chose Wonder Woman because she saw Lynda Carter's costume from the 1970s television show on display at the Costume Institute's 'Superhero' show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

'I would definitely have to keep it right for that costume. The way that Lynda Carter wore it, she was sooo fine. She was amazing. I saw her costume at the Met. Her waist was unbelievable. It was pretty crazy, actually, her proportions. But I love Wonder Woman and it'd be a dream come true to be that character. It sure would be handy to have that lasso. To make everybody tell the truth? I need that. It would come in very handy.'

While it would be great to see Beyonce in any costume, let it not be Wonder Woman. Just look at what happened Warner Bros. put Halle Berry in 'Catwoman'? The fans and critics killed the film and it performed poorly at the box office, grossing only $40 million dollars.


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