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November 2008
BOBBY ZERO casting news

BOBBY ZERO casting news
Erykah Badu To Star Opposite Mos Def In 'Bobby Zero'
by Wilson Morales

November 13, 2008

Grammy-winner American soul singer, songwriter, and actress Erykah Badu has landed a leading role opposite Mos Def in the indie film, 'Bobby Zero'. The film will be produced by Effie Brown's Los Angeles-based production company Duly Noted, which is also producing another Mos Def film, 'Bury Me Standing'.

Mos Deff will play the romantic lead in the story of a down-on-his-luck social satirist who gives up his artistic aspirations to work at an advertising agency.
The talented bohemian and his agoraphobic girlfriend hit rock bottom after years of struggling as a couple. To make ends meet, Bobby goes corporate with the advertising job and is confronted by his past beliefs, stepping outside the box and discovering that there the world is not what he expected.

Also attached to the film are Peter Dinklage and Clifton Collins.

Mos Def has signed on to star in and executive produce Bobby Zero. Written and directed by brothers Markus and Mason Canter, the film is scheduled to begin production sometime in 2009 once Badu has given birth to her third child and is ready to start work.

Mos Def will next be seen in 'Cadillac Records', which also stars Jeffrey Wright, Adrien Brody, Columbus Short, and Beyonce, and opens on December 5th. He will playing Chuck Berry in the film.

Badu's film credits includes roles in 'Blues Brothers 2000', 'The Cider House Rules', and 'House of D'.


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