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March 2009

Columbus Short To Do 'Losers'
by Wilson Morales

March 13, 2009

While promoting the recent DVD and Blu-ray release of 'Cadillac Records', in which he won an NAACP Image award for his portrayal of Little Walter, Columbus Short told Blackfilm.com that he will be working with Sylvain White again on his latest film, 'The Losers,' an adaptation of a gritty DC-Vertigo comic book.

He will playing the role of Pooch. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is already attached to play Clay, the leader. Morgan is currently on screen as the Comedian in 'Watchmen.'

White had directed Short on 'Stomp The Yard' in 2007 and is slated to direct Frank Miller's 'Ronin' and 'Castlevania.'

The James Vanderbilt-scripted project is being financed by Dark Castle Entertainment with Dark Castle's Joel Silver, Weed Road's Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster producing. The series was first published by the DC Comics imprint Vertigo in the 1970s. Gregory Noveck, who oversees DC Comics film transformations, will be involved in a producing capacity

'Losers' centers around a Special Forces team, who are set up and betrayed by their enigmatic handler, Max, who soon discovers that you should never leave a bunch of black-ops commandos for dead. The Losers regroup for revenge, and to get their names off a pesky CIA death list. For issue after issue, they conducted covert operations against the CIA, and sought to uncover the plans and conspiracies of the powerful, secretive Max.

According to wikipedia, Pooch is the pilot, identifiable by his shaved head and laid-back appearance, and has been known to pilot any ground, air or sea vehicle with ease. Despite his involvement with the CIA and Special Forces, is also married with children.

Columbus Short: It's going to be a great action comedy.

Have you read the comic books?

Columbus Short: No, I never did, but then I got them and I have been getting into it. It's going to be a cool project that Sylvain will put his foot into it. When he gets involved with a film, it comes out great. Look at 'Stomp the Yard.' His direction tells you a different story. For a dance movie, people didn't expect to see any cinematic flare in a movie like that and he made it an art piece. And with 'Losers,' which comes with a big budget and a cool 'A' cast, he's going to go to work.

Are you excited to work with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and has anyone else been cast?

Columbus Short: I know there are a lot of people that they are talking to and with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, they are working it out right now; and then they will figure out the rest.

When do you start shooting?

Columbus Short: Right now, it's slated to start in June.


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