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May 2009


May 4, 2009 (Beverly Hills, CA) --


"Addicts" - Three friends who are drug dealers decide to put a monopoly on there local drug
market, everything goes well until their acts catch up with them and it's not long before they are
in a world they can not compete in and need a way out. dir. by Ali Askari
"Afro Samurai: Resurrection" - When his father’s body is stolen from its grave, Afro Samurai
(Samuel L. Jackson) is forced to pick up his sword and wreak bloody vengeance against an army
of deadly foes led by Lady Sio (Lucy Liu), a beautiful and sadistic mastermind from his past. dir.
by Fuminori Kizaki

"A Kiss of Chaos" - A Latino thriller wherein an emotionally conflicted artist’s life is dragged
into a vortex of Chaos when both her bullet wounded thieving ex-boyfriend and HIV positive
sister end up on her door steps and back in her life on her birthday, and the events that unfold
putting her life in grave danger. The story follows Phoenix, Isis, Angel, Tony and Tiffany as
their lives converge on a course of tragic events. This crime-thriller is a wild ride that keeps
viewers locked in from start to finish, as the five interconnected stories unravel. dir. by Ricardo

"Blue" - As a prize fighter struggles to put his dark past behind him, love seems to altar his
course and makes him face his redemption while preparing for the fight of his life. dir. by Ryan

"Bronx Paradise" - A true story of One mans struggle to raise a family while balancing his
criminal surroundings and associates. Wayne Gurman brings you into a first hand look of his life
in the Bronx. dir. by William Lappe

"Contract Killers" - CIA assassin Jane Bradford is framed as a murderer and hunted across
oceans. Her only hope is to uncover the secret she was unwittingly paid to erase. dir. by Justin

"Finder of Lost Children" - "Finder of Lost Children" is the story of two half-sisters that meet
for the first time at the funeral of the father neither one of them knew. These reluctant siblings
make a road trip to deal with their father's meager possessions and in so doing discover the
existence of several other lost brothers and sisters who are unaware of their father's passing. The
two mismatched sisters decide to extend the road trip to find their lost siblings and along the way
they discover the keys to their past and future through the secrets and lies that confront them -
buoyed by the humour and humanity that is the irrepressible Caribbean spirit. dir. by Ricardo

"God Send Me A Man" - "God Send Me a Man" is as stage play that tells the story of Young
girl, (Stacey) who has the wrong idea about what is important in life and in relationships. After a
series of bad relationships that cause her to really look at herself, she decides to change, but not
after one more bad situation. dir. by Curtis Von

"Hey Diddle Diddle" - Growing up as Maxwell Sweetwater wasn’t all that bad. An outstanding
athlete, coupled with his likeable yet reclusive personality, crowned Maxwell the beloved king of
his high school, lifting his mythical persona, “Mad Max” to legendary status. Now, in his late
twenties, Maxwell lives a life far removed from his glory years at Washington High. When he
receives an invite to attend his ten-year high school reunion, he emphatically declines.
Maxwell’s friends are determined to help him complete an amazing physical transformation,
overcome a crippling social disorder, and get him to attend his reunion. His friends quickly learn
that the largest issue isn't whether or not 'Mad Max' decides to attend the reunion, it's what will
transpire if he decides to show up? dir. by Chester Jones III

"N-Secure" - A film of betrayal, terror, and control, set amongst prosperous, affluent, urban
professionals, N-SECURE is a thrilling drama that follows a man’s fall from the pinnacle of
success into the depths of his damaged character. Carefully hidden insecurities are driven from
the shadows of his soul and ultimately brought to light by a woman’s betrayal. Once loosed,
jealousy and paranoia grip him and drag him inexorably towards his utter ruin. dir. by David

-Trenton La'Chance is and every-man who through one fatal mistake uncovers a
murky trail of stolen money, gangsters, dirty cops, and deceit. dir. by Harold Jackson

"Street Boss" - Based on the true story about a Detroit mob boss Tony Jack and how the FBI
bought him down. dir. by Lance Kawas.

"The Broken Hearts Club" - An apathetic clinical psychiatrist becomes wrapped up in
melodrama when his criminally insane patients are replaced with the clinically heart-broken. dir.
by Angelo Bell

"The Endangered" - The inter-racial relationship of two high school seniors (Patrick &
Valerie) is strained when Patrick's sister is accosted and turns up missing, and Valerie's brother
comes under suspicion for the crime. The respective families' challenging beliefs then come to
the fore as the nature of both fathers' views on race may prove not to be so different after all. As
the investigation of the crime unravels, both families discover that there is a lot of seething
tension just below the surface. dir. by Richard A. Nelson

"The Good Neighbor Policy" - A young actress kills her would-be date rapist and it's up to the
neighbors in her apartment building to protect her by any means necessary. dir. by Edgar Davis

"The Tenant" - Obinna, an African refugee faces imminent deportation from Canada.His
landlord, a dying retired immigration officer offers to stop the deportation if he convinces his
estranged daughter to reconcile with him. In 30 days he has to turn the wheels of hate to one of
love. dir. by Lucky Ejim

"Walls Have Ears" - Samuel Auguste, nicknamed Papa Sam, is the head of a family of three,
which includes his wife Samantha and his son Johnny, from a previous marriage. They live in
Boston. Papa sam has recently won two million dollars in the state lottery. he has become
obsessed with his financial status, which blinds him from seeing what is going on around him.
dir. by Patrick Jerome

"Within" - A sweet girl with a troubled soul can see evil spirits within others.
"Performance" - A magazine writer reluctantly does an interview with a retired black actor who
became famous for portraying racially stereotyped roles. In the process of meeting the older
actor, the writer discovers the man behind the image. dir. by Hanelle Culpepper

"Women Do it Better" - The art of cheating is a mans game. These Players are good liars and
masters at deception in relationships. But when it comes to moves, 'Women Do it Better'. dir. by
Derrick Simmons


"142 John Street" - One take, No Edits, Full HD..This film examines the effects of losing a
love one to a disease that is so common among American men in our communities. This film
stars Greg Alan Williams ("W," "Remember The Titans," "Dirty Laundry") and Leslie 'Big Lez'
Segar ("BET," "Rap City" and "Fabric Of A Man"). dir. by Derrick Williams
"Acquired" - A hurting friend, can be the most dangerouse friend of all. dir. by Desmond

"A Father's Promise" - Ex-con just released from prison saves a teenager’s life on his way
home. dir. by Bradley Nesbitt

"Birthday" - On the morning of his 40th birthday Greg Miller is out to prove he still has 'it.'
dir. by Tracy Taylor

"Born That Way" daughter after six months, he takes her out for a quick bite only to wind up in the middle of an
armored car heist. The violent incident leaves a lasting impression on his daughter and influences
her choice to pursue a dangerous and lucrative career later in life. dir. by Tony McNeal

"Breaking News" - Kendra Davis woke up this morning feeling different. Unfortunately no one
was paying attention. dir. by K. Marie Walters

"Brothers Incorporated" - A young man has to choose between his father's dream of power
and control of Philadelphia or his own dreams of music and love. dir. by Michael Johnson

"Burning Truth" - A teen girl falls for the popular boy. At a party, things heat up. Who knew
that one moment of pleasure could cause a life time of pain, and HIV/AIDS. dir. by Ade

"Chains" - In this science fiction drama, Chain a beautiful artist living in an underground ghetto
risks her life to grow a flower. dir. by Sharon Lewis
"Click" - Attempting to put the pieces back together, a young woman’s day in NYC turns out to
be her triumphant emancipation from the heartbreaks of her past. dir. by Thérèse Cator

"Damsels in Distress" - A woman's confrontation with her cheating boyfriend escalates to a
level of violence beyond her control. A stranger steps in to save her life, ...but what is the price
of his kindness? dir. by Stephen Powell

"Deddon" - A young hitman, bent on being the best, learns the tricks of the trade from his
mentor only to have face off against him. dir. by Brian Kim

"Do What You Need To Do" - Mark Reynolds has been partying for a few days distraught
because his wife just left him. The only explanation is a letter she left behind. Mark goes on a
roller coaster ride with twists and turns, drug dealers, pimps and hoes; his landlord is looking for
the rent and the cops are looking for him. dir. by Tony Meyler

"Fever" - Undercover cop, Mike Jones notices his best friend’s woman, TY hanging out with
cold hearted gangsters. Later in the day Mike finds his best friend murdered. He sets out to
eliminate Ty from the crime. dir. by Q Q

"Fire Cell" - Maxie is being tested. Love or the Law. Which will she choose? With tension high
and her life on the line- one thing's for sure- guns are up, and someone's going down. dir. by
Mykel Shannon Jenkins

"Genius in Heels" - A woman determined to prove The Little-Head Theory. The driving force
behind all of mankind's decision making is the little head. dir. by Fernandel Almonor
"Gideon Falls" - What happens when an Angel loses his faith? dir. by Judith McCreary

"I Love You" - Three words that many people are afraid to say... Janice is an independent and
organized black woman. Chris is a relaxed and creative black man. Although they’re madly in
love, when they decide to move in together, they quickly realize that there is a thin line between
love and hate... dir. by Sabrina Moella

"I'm Not Britney" - A whirlwind of eye-popping style and Go Girl activism, "I’m Not Britney"
is a fashion-forward extravaganza with a potent message for women across the planet. Global
beauty Ndoema dazzles in a socially defiant and visually stunning film that offers a blistering
send-off to Hollywood's stereotypical booty-girl syndrome. dir. by Phillip Christon

"I Own You" - A love story in Black and White. dir. by Gary Anthony Williams
"Jesus' Secretary" - The Personal Assistant of Jesus Christ over steps her boundaries while
doing an eternal assignment in Heaven. dir. by Norris Young
Jump the Broom: A Musical" - You'll be singing and dancing all the way to the altar... even if
the bride doesn't. dir. by Kena Tangi Dorsey

"Kai" - Kai (Keena Ferguson), a young woman on the verge of lifestyle suicide, crosses the line
when her habit becomes more than just a regular mode of living but heads down the road to
'uber-addiction’. Due to her obsessive ways, her two best friends force her into a non-traditional
rehabilitation group led by eccentric therapist Ms.Nancy (Adenrele Ojo). The satire of KAI
speaks to everyday people from all ages and all walks of life that have become fantasized and
inundated with the pressure to maintain a trendy, pop-culture lifestyle. dir. by Fred Thomas

"Kwame" - A reclusive and emotionally tortured man learns to come to terms with his traumatic
past and the feelings of guilt he has over his father’s death as he finds compassion for a troubled
young woman struggling with her own demons. dir. by Edward Osei-Gyimah
"Larry (the actor)" - An out-of-work actor at the end of his rope has just gone to his last
audition. dir. by Eric Poydar

"(Mis) Leading Man" - "(Mis) Leading Man" is an exploration of what happens to a common
man caught inside of the media fishbowl as a result of getting everything that he could ever
dream of. Keith Holland seemingly has everything. He’s a coveted A-list actor with all of the
rights and privileges that accompany that position, but realizes that it comes hand in hand with a
price that he didn’t factor in. Nothing can prepare him for the fine print that comes with
celebrity, or the duality of the media. dir. by Morocco Omari

"My Brother's Keeper" - Tired of being cheated on by his beautiful girlfriend and being
disrespected at work, A Stock is pushed to the edge, and with the help of his hitman brother, he
stands up for himself. dir. by Devon K Shepard

"My Genie" - What do you get when you mix “I Dream of Jennie” with “That’s So Raven?
Mischievous Princess "Princene" Gingi. dir. by Dawn Carter, Alton Glass

"My Summer Friend" - After serving sixteen years in prison, Romell (Mykelti Williamson) is
released on parole and reports to his parole officer (Richard Riehle) where he is offered an
opportunity for employment at the House of David an assisted living facility for the aging.
Romell is promptly befriended by Aliza ( Annie Abbott) who, through her persistent urging for
him to reflect on his life, motivates Romell to change his outlook on life and to recognize the
value of time. Ultimately, Aliza's guidance and stories of her own tragic experiences inspire
Romell to change his life for the better. dir. by Antwone Fisher

"N.C.B.S." - It all comes out in the end. collab. dir. Grant Housley, Marc Etienne and Wesley

"Obara the Gatekeeper" - Obara thinks his job is boring – opening and closing the gate into
town. He envies his neighbors and feels sorry for himself, until a turn a fate makes him rich!
"Pastor Stuart" - His church is in the streets. dir. by Malik Booth
"Performance"- dir. by Mel Donalson

"Reverie" - Little Margaret questions the reality of life as she reflects on scrambled memories
of her militant father and the tragedy that changed everything. dir. by Paula Wood

"River Toll" - An anxious fifth grader is delayed from hurrying home to his Black Panther
family because of after school detention. dir. by Kenny Brown

"Seven Breaths" - Critical thinking battles the darker side of pride when an armed robbery
transforms an upstanding citizen into a lawless vigilante. dir. by Gershon Hinkson

"Sideline Confessions" - A gritty romantic drama set in the world of professional football
players and follows the life of successful marketing executive Candy Boudreaux as she pursues
star football player Eric Whitaker; only to find out that landing him will be one of her toughest
campaigns yet. The task becomes increasing difficult because she is not prepared for all the
games she will have to play in order to be with the man of her dreams. dir. by Dwayne Barnes

"The Chef's Letter" - A successful, married chef is overwhelmed by the unrequited love he
feels for one of his employees. dir. by Sybil Mair

"The Fall" - A man races to save his former fiancée from committing suicide, all while
reconciling his past actions. dir. by Aaron Wallace

"The Hands" - A daughter explores her relationship with her dying father and becomes fixated
upon his hands as a representation of who he was as a man. dir. by Charise Studesville

"The Lesson Plan" - Public School Teacher Nix Dunn turns to an extreme form of teaching to
get his message across. dir. by Eddy Duran

"The Morning Of" - One year to the day after they’ve married a young couple is in crisis. “The
morning of “ takes us on the roller coaster ride of emotions that happens when it’s finally time to
say goodbye. dir. by Tracy Taylor

"The Night Before Christmas" - On the night before Christmas a child engages in a cat and
mouse game with his father, to open his gifts before Christmas morning. dir. by Carlos Dorsey

"The Rocking Horse" - Roger Cavendish, CEO, invites his newly-promoted VP, Gary, up to
the office for a drinks and conversation. A twisted game of cat and mouse ensues, exploring the
shadow side of male behavior, ambition, convenient morality and the fragile labels we use to
identify ourselves. co-dir. Charles McGrath and Keith Pillow

"The Scavengers" - A short film about three boys, a mermaid, and a choice. dir. by Cory

"The Yesterday Pool" - Come correct the biggest mistake of your life... or make it. dir. by G/

"Ungrateful" - A wealthy business man is forced to face the poor decisions he has made in his
life, his career, and his marriage. dir. by Brian Shackelford

"Wig" - A bald dead woman, her favorite wig stolen by her son, and a family that expects to
bury her in it in three days? WIG mines humor in the face of tragedy and brings fresh style to
the timeless journey of recovery after loss.“Sometimes you have to cross a line in order to throw
one.” dir. by Todd Holland

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