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May 2009


May 4, 2009 (Beverly Hills, CA) --


"Artists of the Bahamas"
- Introduced by the legendary actor, Sir Sidney Poitier, "Artists of the
Bahamas" explores the lives & artistic works of the seminal artists that began & are continuing
the expression of fine visual arts throughout the Bahamas. dir. by Karen Arthur, Thomas

"Ballou" - "Ballou" is the story of a struggling inner city high school marching band. They
overcome a negative environment and uplift a community. Rev Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell
share thoughts and comments in the film to show how important this band is to the Washington
DC black community. dir. by Michael Patrei

"Clean Mic: Laughing Until It Hurts" - American Ethnic Comedians Struggle With Clean
Comedy & Stereotypes. dir. by Will Gorham

"Don't Fall Down in the Hood" - In the city of Philadelphia, there's an average of one
homicide per day. Over 40% of the victims are African American and Latino youth between the
ages of 13 and 24. This powerful documentary focuses on the lives of Malik and Kenny, two 'at
risk' youth enrolled in one of Philadelphia's most successful violence intervention programs,
Don’t Fall Down in the Hood. First time offenders of violent crimes, these teens have been given
a choice: Go to the program or go to jail. "Don't Fall Down in the Hood," follows the youth on
their tumultuous and triumphant journey to turn away from the streets and realize their potential
to over come the obstacles they face and turn their lives around. dir. by Dianne R. Thompson

"Heart of Stone" - "Heart of Stone" is about a predominantly African American high school
and the trials and tribulations of its principal Ronald Stone, Jewish alumni, and even gang
members to restore the school's safety and past glory. dir. by Beth Toni Kruvant

"Hershe: An Urban Cinderella Story" - "Hershe: An Urban Cinderella Story" documents real
life Cinderellas in the form of girls in foster care as they prepare for the Cinderella Ball in which
they will bepresented to society. It is the brain child of the Hershe Group, founded byKendadie
Cobbin Richardson in an effort to assist girls in the foster caresystem with the tough transition of
life after the system. dir. by Adriane Hopper

"Herskovits At the Heart of Blackness" - A complex, beautifully crafted story about 20th
century anthropologist Melville J. Herskovits, who 're-defined' black history, making it possible
for a people formerly despised as “Negroes” to pride themselves as African-Americans.
Herskovits himself was a white American of Jewish ancestry. But he acquired the power to remake
the historical understanding of black people, and in the process engaged in conflicts with
black scholars and elite institutions of the day. Rarely seen archival footage, provocative
animation, photo re-enactments and scholars' commentary propel the story. Herskovits At the
Heart of Blackness challenges us to ask: who should have the power to define the contours and
meaning of a people's cultural identity-- and for what purpose? dir. by Llewellyn Smith

"InsideOut" - When Shelley Stewart, Founder and President of The Mattie C. Stewart
Foundation, decided to take on the nation's escalating dropout rate, he took the unbeaten path. In
creating the concept for the InsideOut, he decided to position prison inmates as messengers who
encourage youth to get an education. InsideOut gives these inmates a voice. That voice issues a
clear, urgent message to students: education is the only way to avoid a life behind bars. dir. by
Steinborn Films

"Juror Number Six" - "Juror Number Six" is a documentary short for Internet that is both
personal and political, the film focuses on the impact of media on race, crime, and punishment
in America. From the OJ Simpson trial to the internet, Juror Number Six exposes how the crimemedia
business profits on generating a 'culture of fear,' and how that fear walks with individuals
as they enter the jury-box, often judging the black man they've been trained to fear and despise.
dir. by Rachel Lyon

"Kweisi" - Kweisi met and forgave his brother's murderer. dir. by David Sauvage
"Latin Rap Conference 2008" - The Latin Rap Conference is an informative event and music
showcase, geared at helping bridge the gap between signed and unsigned latino rap artist. dir. by
Brian Shackelford

"Locked up: More than a Statistic" - This documentary short is a personal account of two
youth offenders, factors that played a part in their story, and what we can do to support these at
risks youths. dir. by Candi Reeder

"Obama: Tears of Joy" - On November 4th, 2008, on election night Barack Obama announced
his president elect status in Grant Park in Chicago. At the moment people realized that he was
going to be the first Black President, people cried tears of joy. This film explains the moment of
realization as the tears are evoked by the pain and triumph of Black people as we go back
through slavery, Jim Crow, civil rights and so on. Accomplishments in politics, athletics,
education, society and inventions by Black innovators are sources of pride and triumph that
added to the tears of joy. Obama puts out his call for service urging Americans to all do their part
and participate to the American dream. dir. by Bobby Mardis

"Put It In a Book" - "Put it in a Book" is about two brother's trying to survive the mean streets
of LA while avoiding the gang culture that surrounds them. When one is killed by gang violence
the other must choose a path of righteousness or a path of revenge. (Created through the 'Make
A Film Foundation') dir. by Rodrigo Garcia

"Rapping With Shakespeare"
- A modern day hip-hop version of Shakespeare’s tales that
explores the compelling lives of five South Central Los Angeles teenagers attending Crenshaw
High School. The students’ personal stories subtly parallel Shakespeare’s archetypal characters:
Hamlet, Henry V and Romeo & Juliet. dir. by Michael King

"Renaissance Village" - First there was the storm. Then there was the Renaissance. Take an
intimate look inside FEMA's largest post-Katrina trailer park and meet the residents left
forgotten. dir. by Gabe Chasnoff

"Steppin- A Chicago Dance" - "Steppin: A ChIcago Dance" is an inside look at this hot urban
couples dance that has been a way of life in Chicago for over 60 years and is now spreading to
other cities. It's not just a DANCE, it's STEPPIN. Interviews with top Steppin DJ's, steppin
instructors, championship dancers highlights of the 2008 World's Largest Steppers Contest held
annually in Chicago. Herb Kent the Cool Gent, DJ Sam Chatman, James 'Pete' Frazier, James
Harris, Cleo Fincher, Tyrone Winfield, Anthony 'Ticman' Allen. dir. by Gwen McGee

"Take the Gay Train" - The Gay Train' makes three stops along the cultural landscape of the
Harlem Renaissance: one poem, one short story, and one drag ball. dir. by Robert Philipson

"The Other Side of the Water" - What happens when a Vodou-based walking music from the
hills of Haiti is reinvented on the streets of Brooklyn. dir. by Jeremy Robins

"The Road to Fondwa" - "The Road to Fondwa" tells the powerful story of a rural Haitian
community that is taking its future into its own hands, and will not take no for an answer. dir. by
Charles Schnorr, Justin Brandon


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