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May 2009


May 4, 2009 (Beverly Hills, CA) --


"Afia" - "Afia" is a riveting comedy about a small misunderstood girl with big public school
drama. dir. by Lacey Duke

"Conservative Kink" - A straight-laced conservative girl on the verge of losing a lifeless
relationship with her boyfriend struggles with a carefree, adventurous mother who pushes her to
explore her wild side. dir. by Ta'Nai Cie Drayton

"Game Master" - Can a Video Game Geek Win the Game of Love? dir. by Kimberly Townes

"G-Trification" - The new Harlem is taking the hood back. dir. by Karra Duncan

- Four high school students, four problems. Do they tell the world or keep it on the
'hush'. dir. by Jauvonnie Brown

"Mashed Potatoes"- He has the moves...but does he have the soul! dir. by Rob Jones

"Mind of Lo" - I was born free, and I will die free. dir. by Tommy Stanley

"Southern Cross" - "Southern Cross" uses the troublesome symbol of the Confederate Flag to
reinforce the importance of family bonds. dir. by Kameishia Wooten

"The Second Half" - Delroy, a night janitor in a high school, meets and mentors Harlan, one of
the school's basketball stars, and is forced to confront his own past to save Harlan's future. dir. by
Ralph Jeffrey Elmont

"Uncle Killa" - Tension mounts as Uncle Kai and Eric jockey to be man of the house. Thier
uneasy peace is threatened by one forward ass teenage girl.

"Underbelly" - A forbidden friendship between a young male and a heroin-addicted prostitute is
bonded through art. dir. by William Sutphin

"Us: A Love Story" - When thinking is just not enough...feel.“Us: A Love Story” is a short
film that examines the impact and consequences of a union consecrated in blood. One couple’s
love story is a metaphor for the history of white and black race relations in the United States. dir.
by Alrick Brown

"Warrior Queen" - "Warrior Queen" tells the true story of an African Queen named Nana Yaa
Asantewaa and the events that led her to rise up in arms against the British in the early 1900's.
dir. by Hezekiah Lewis


"1 out of 10" - A hopeful music video that explores the challenges that many African American
women face in their quest to find love. Have you found your 1 out of 10? dir. by Robert W.
Quarles IV

"Hi Stakez 'Hydraulics'" - dir. by Charles Browne

"X-Man" - An American soldier fighting in Iraq watches neighborhoods become battlefields,
witnesses the suffering of fellow soldiers and observes increasingly advanced technological
strikes while struggling to comprehend the reasons behind the war as well as his role in it. dir. by
Malcolm Rector

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