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May 2009


Director: Rik Cordero
Cast: Ephraim Benton, Karen Chilton, Donté Bonner, Darrell Vanterpool, Seth Stewart, Tiombe Lockhart,
Andre Blake, Douglas J. Aguirre, Consequence, Alfonso Christian Lover, Joell Ortiz,
Fly Williams III, Clyde Baldo

Website: http://www.three21media.com/insideachange/

Synopsis: Chris Price (Ephraim Benton) is about to serve 180 days in prison for a first-time offense. When his mother (Karen Chilton) invites him home for dinner, he finds his younger brother (Darrell Vanterpool) following in his footsteps and his older brother, Shawn (Donté Bonner) disowning him. With his family falling apart, Chris is forced to re-examine his life and how he can bring everyone together for his mother's birthday.


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