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February 2010
18th Annual Pan African Film Festival | An Interview with Bullets over Brown's Directors/Writers - Natural Langdon & Damon Diddit

18th Annual Pan African Film Festival
An Interview with Bullets over Brown's Directors/Writers - Natural Langdon & Damon Diddit

By Damien D. Smith

February 21, 2010


The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of cultural and racial tolerance and understanding through the exhibition of film, art and creative expression. It is PAFF’s goal to present and showcase the broad spectrum of Black creative works, particularly those that reinforce positive images and help to destroy negative stereotypes.

So for it has been a great festival this year I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to the Directors/Writers one of the Feature films in Pan African “Bullets over Brown.” Natural Langdon & Damon Diddit

Damien: How did you guys come up with this type of film.

Natural: It’s a story dear to our heart because we are from Brownsville Brooklyn and we wanted to shed light on our community, and show that there talented people in neighbor hoods like Brownsville that is going through struggle.

blackfilm.com: How do you feel being here in LA at the Pan African film festival with this beautiful weather? From my understanding New York has about 12 inches of Snow now.

Natural: I am very happy to be out here in Sunny California but I wanted make sure I let them know what Brownsville really is, and hopefully inspire some people.

blackfilm.com: How do you feel about being a part of the 18th Annual Pan African Film Festival?

Natural: I feel great it’s amazing. I have been in other festival, but here I feel good energy and the collectiveness with the filmmaker and the festival. We also take every opportunity we can and do for self because you cannot wait on someone to do anything for you. 

blackfilm.com: Is there a particular theme of the movie?

Damon: All the people of the film has a since of hope by what we’ve been through.

blackfilm.com: I get from watching the film it is really candid, and unflinching. Where the characters profession actors?

Damon: Out of the total cast maybe 4 or 5 people where professional actors. Funny story we tried to hire more actors, but they could not get the authenticity that regular everyday people of Brownsville could put out.

blackfilm.com: What is your next step trying to get this out to the public after the festival route?

Damon: We are trying to get things directly to the people. We are trying creating our own distribution company also partnering up with organization to get the film into youth programs, and our community.

The Pan African Film Festival will continue until the 17th of February. If you can everyone should come and try and experience this great collection of films and entertainment. – Damien D. Smith

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