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March 2010
DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM | An Interview with Monica Calhoun

An Interview with Monica Calhoun

By Wilson Morales

March 8, 2010


With films Ice Cube’s ‘The Player’s Club,’ and ‘The Best Man,’ Monica Calhoun cemented her fame in the African American community. She's also numerous independent films like 'Civil Brand,' 'Gang of Roses,' and 'The Salon.' It’s been some time since the Philadelphia native has been on the big screen, but fans can her on the web in a new series called ‘Diary of a Single Mom.’

The series is a groundbreaking new online show, produced and directed by Robert Townsend, who directed films such as ‘Hollywood Shuffle’ and ‘The Five Heartbeats.’ The show chronicles the lives and challenges of three single mothers and their families as they try to get ahead in a world that is trying to hold them under. The Diary of a Single Mom also stars Billy Dee Williams, Richard Roundtree, Brooklyn Mclinn and Leon.

Season 1' debuted on PIC.tv in 2009 and won awards for best indie soap and best guest actor from the Indie Soap Awards.

Calhoun plays Ocean, a 27 year old black woman from Chicago. She’s quick-witted and motivated to do more with her life than any of her six siblings did with theirs. Her biggest fear is repeating their mistakes — in and out of jail, still living in their mother’s run-down house, settling for lives of ne’er-do-well and waiting for someone to rescue them.

In speaking with Blackfilm.com, Calhoun talks doing the websoap, and how she relates to it.



What was the attraction to doing a web soap?

Monica Calhoun: I was asked to participate. It was about three types of women trying to do the best they can in raising their children given the circumstances. Plus, there’s a controversy regarding women being single moms. It was an opportunity to do something different from what I’ve done.

How would you describe you character Ocean?

MC: Ocean is strong, feisty and very vulnerable. She’s a parent like myself.

What’s different this year from Season 1?

MC: You get to know these women a little bit more. You get to know the children a little more.

Is doing a webisode less stressful than doing films or an episode for a TV show?

MC: No. Work is work. It’s always great to learn new about your instrument.

How’s working with the cast?

MC: It’s great. We talk during and after filming. We get to know each other and trust each other in the work.

What’s next for you? It’s been a while since you were on the big screen.

MC: I know. The only I have is ‘Diary of a Single Mom.’


  Has it been a challenge getting roles?

MC: As I mentioned previously, I’m also a parent. While waiting for that big role in a major film, I’ve been doing some writing on my own.




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