Paranormal Activity 2

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Paranormal Activity 2
by Wilson Morales

Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Director: Kip Williams
Screenwriter: Michael R. Perry, Christopher Landon, Tom Pabst
Cast: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Brian Boland, Molly Ephraim, Sprague Grayden
Genre: Drama, Supernatural Thriller
MPAA Rating: R (for some language and brief violent material)

After ‘Paranormal Activity’ did surprising well at the box office, grossing $200 million worldwide, and creating a cult phenomenon, it was inevitable that a sequel would be made. Well, director Tod Williams has captured the same magic from the original and kept the chilling, spellbinding effect that will bring audiences looking for a good scary film.

In bringing back the same characters Katie (played by Katie Featherstone) and her boyfriend Micah (played by Micah Sloat), the film is set a prequel, as the events in this film takes place months before Katie became possessed by some evil spirit.

Set in San Diego, we meet Katie’s sister Kristi (played by Sprague Grayden), who with her husband Daniel (played by Brian Boland), his daughter Ali (played by Molly Ephraim) and their infant son Hunter, have just moved in a big suburban house decked with a pool.

After their house was ransacked with no valuables taken, Daniel decides to install video cameras around the place so he can monitor any future “happenings.” Before you know it, as with the original film, the camera, with dates marked from ‘Night 1’ to ‘Night 12,’ captures strange things taking place such as the family dog sensing a “presence” in his sights and an invisible being picking up Hunter.

When Katie and Ali start to feel that the house is haunted, Daniel tries to get them to stop believing in ghosts, but that’s only the beginning to their problems.

Won’t go into spoiling the rest of the film, but let’s just say that Williams injects enough spookiness to keep an audience entertained and at the same time incite them to ask themselves what they would do in that situation.

The only drawback is that at times, some of the scenes become repetitive and nothings happens; but the slightest bit of noise when no one is around can make anyone go paranoid, and with this film, it’s a question of whether one wants to address the fears.

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