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Producer Roger Bobb To Form Bobbcat Films


Tyler Perry’s Right-Hand Man Roger Bobb Leaves Nest To Form Bobbcat Films
by Wilson Morales

May 30, 2011

Roger M. Bobb, who has been with director-producer Tyler Perry since Perry entered the Hollywood business in 2005, has left his position as Executive Vice President of Tyler Perry Studios, where he produced all of Perry’s films and television sitcoms to start his own film company.

In a letter sent to colleagues, the London born, but Brooklyn raised native thanked the many people he has worked with over the years.

“Today will be my last day at Tyler Perry Studios. It has been an incredible seven years and I would like to thank Tyler Perry, The Tyler Perry Studios staff, Lionsgate, TBS, Debmar/Mercury and especially the hundreds of cast and crew members that I have had the honor and privilege of working with during my amazing time here. 11 films, 222 episodes of House Of Payne and 140 episodes of Meet The Browns – what a blessing!”

Rather than go on to another company and hold a similar position, Bobb’s vision is much higher.

“I’m elated to announce that beginning Tuesday, May 31st,  I will begin a new chapter as President of Bobbcat Films, my new film and television production company. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you soon. Thank You and God Bless.”

Bobb most recently served as producer to ‘Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family,’ which has taken in over $50 million dollars at the box office so far.

He first worked with Perry on the the 2005 film, ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman,’ which shook the box office experts when it grossed over $20 million during its opening weekend. With a $5.5 million dollar budget, the film went on make nearly $51 million during its domestic run. As of today, the film has grossed over $100 million dollars in theatrical and DVD sales. Bobb has gone on to produce ten more Tyler Perry films with a combined theatrical box office gross of over 500 million dollars.

He is the Supervising Producer on all 222 episodes of House Of Payne which premiered on TBS in 2007 as the highest rated sitcom in basic cable history. He is also the Executive Producer of 140 episodes of the sitcom ‘Meet the Browns,’ which premiered also on TBS as the second highest- rated sitcom in basic cable history. He has also directed several episodes of both sitcoms.

Bobb was one of the the youngest African-American First AD members of the Director’s Guild of America. He is the only two-time winner of the Best Film Award at the American Black Film Festival. Roger was named one of the Top 40 Executives Under 40 by The Network Journal Magazine and has been profiled in several publications such as Black Enterprise, Essence & Upscale Magazine.

Prior to working with Mr. Perry, Roger began his career as a DGA Trainee, then worked within the New York independent film community as an assistant director and quickly rose to the rank of producer. His many credits include “NYPD Blue,” “New York Undercover,” “Copland,” “Preaching To The Choir” and “State Property 2.” Roger attended Brooklyn College and The School Of Visual Arts.

  1. Victor Neely says:

    Exciting news,congratulations as a film student that graduates March 2012 it is refreshing to know there will be more opportunities available to achieve my career goals.

  2. Congrats!..those are some good stats!..I hope to pitch some creative to you one day!

  3. Congrats! That is definitely a Blessing, I love to see people aggressively go after their dreams and goals. We all know you will do a superb job at this ( you’re a natural. An as a working actress I definitely agree with the first comment, it does provide another opening and an abundance of future job opportunites for us artist. As we say on stage “Break-A-Leg”!!

  4. BethaniMarisa says:

    Congrats!!! May God continue to bless him!!!

  5. Blair Singleton says:

    I’m interested in being part of your team. I’m a songwriter producer, video producer. I would love to meet with, for i would be a great asset to your company. I’m currently running BLS Music and Video Productions. My Music and Video productions can be found on my Youtube channel. Just type Blair Singleton in the box and then your in.

    I look forward to hearing from you or your staff.

    I live in the in the Atlanta area.

    and I can be contacted at 404.307.1190

    Thank you
    Blair Singleton

  6. Congrats!!! Yayyy! Another step in the right direction.
    Check out The Gaye Family on

  7. I would love to come on as a writer for any of your up and coming projects I have years of experience.

  8. Diane G. says:

    Mr. Bobb i met you at Black Enterprise Conference in Atlanta last year. I enjoyed speaking with you.You were very friendly and down to earth. I would like to assist you with your company in any way that i can. I would like to volunteer my assistance in areas that i can help. Please email me and let me know whether or not i can be of any assistance. Wishing you Great Success!!!

  9. Congratulations, Brother Bob. Much Success to you. You’ve been in this business for a long time and you’ve paid your dues. Now its time to make your mark and follow that long history of peeps who have worked hard and long to earn the success that they have. Love to have the privilege of working with and for you.

    One Love-

  10. I wish you all the best! I would like to join your team, collaborate on a project, and/or just support your efforts. I graduated from one of the leading film schools in the world (Full Sail University) with a Bachelors in Film and a Masters in Entertainment Business.

    I am a new director/screenwriter trying very hard to get my sci-fi action thriller “Peril” made into a feature film. It features a black female lead as the heroine. It is very difficult to break into this business as you know. However, I won’t stop pressing until I get there.

    We’ve launched Peril on Kickstater at:

    You can also visit Peril on:

    Please stop by and support our efforts.

    God Bless,

    Timothy Holloway

  11. Congratulations! Loved everyone of the films. I have been writing skits and plays for my church for the last four years. working on a play of my own. would like the opportunity to work with/for a professional. please e-mail me. Not a professional, just the Holy Spirit and me.

  12. Sonjia Bonner says:

    Hi Roger,

    Congratulations on your new journey! I know you are proud, if you are in need of an Executive Admin, or event planner I’m your girl!
    Again congratulations to you, I know you are going to be amazing!

    Sonjia Bonner
    Greenville South Carolina.

  13. Thanks for sharing! nowadays There is so much confusion surrounding this topic and there’s a lot of different advice about good practices. Thanks for helping to add some clarity. Your opinions are appreciated.

    Keep Rockin!


  14. Congrats, Roger!! Hope to see and work with U soon! Thanks! Gail L. Dumas aka Kiddy Redd, Author/Playwright/Exec. Prod. GOLD’D Group Productions & Patty-Cake Productions

  15. LaMont Lankford says:

    That is AWSOME! I thank you before I get to know you, on doing such works as beautiful as BOBCAT FILMS, I pray that some of my scripts hit your desk in the future!!!!