She’s Still Not Our Sister



Starring Kellita Smith, Christian Keyes, Jackee Harry and Trini-i-tee 57

PREMIERING Saturday, Dec. 10th And Dec. 17TH at 7 pm ET on GMC TV

GMC, America’s favorite channel for uplifting music and family entertainment, will present the premiere of its first original gospel play series “She’s Still Not Our Sister.” The four episode series, will premiere, exclusively on GMC at 7 and 8 p.m. ET on Saturday, December 10 with episodes 1 and 2 and conclude with episodes 3 and 4 at the same times on Saturday, December 17.

She’s Still Not Our Sister” features an ensemble cast including Kellita Smith, Drew Sidora, Azur De, Christian Keyes, Clifton Powell, Jazsmin Lewis, Jackee Harry, Tony Grant and the award-winning Gospel group Trin-i-tee 57.

In this riveting four-part sequel to GMC’s hit gospel play production “She’s Not Our Sister,” the saga of the Walker sisters continues as they learn that the millions they received after their father’s death cannot buy happiness. Instead, the four women discover they have inherited an entirely new set of challenges, including career setbacks, romantic disappointments, charming gold-diggers and self-destructive tendencies.

“As our first gospel play series, ‘She’s Still Not Our Sister’ marks an exciting milestone for GMC,” said Leslie Chesloff, executive vice president of programming, GMC. “’She’s Not Our Sister,’ which premiered in June, was wildly popular with viewers. We are thrilled to present a four-part series that allows our audience to continue the journey with these compelling characters as they encounter new romances, unexpected challenges and startling revelations.”

After reconciling with their long-lost half-sister Allison (Jazsmin Lewis) following the death of their estranged father, Vivian (Kellita Smith), Cynthia (Drew Sidora) and Deniece Walker (Azur De) find their lives have become even more complicated. When Allison develops a serious gambling addiction, the sisters try to find a way to help her while each of them deal with their own challenges. Cynthia faces commitment issues as her wedding to long-time boyfriend D’Andre (Christian Keyes) approaches. Deniece encounters a major setback in her search for a career. Vivian confronts her loneliness as she looks for meaning beyond her 50-hour work week. Rev. Beckley (Clifton Powell) serves as the spiritual guide to the Walker sisters. Aunt Connie (Jackee Harry) is their well intentioned mother surrogate who keeps everyone on their toes.

As the close-knit sisters seek their own paths to happiness, they begin to wonder if those paths will lead them in the same direction or eventually split them apart.

Written by Johnnie C. Johnson Jr., and directed by Roger Melvin, “She’s Still Not Our Sister” is produced by Swirl Films. Swirl Films’ Eric Tomosunas has produced numerous stage plays and feature-length films for television and DVD including Love Me or Leave Me, The Ideal Husband, She’s Not Our Sister and There’s a Stranger in My House.

“She’s Still Not Our Sister” is produced exclusively for broadcast on GMC the only network producing original stage productions exclusively for television audiences. Other GMC original productions have included John Ruffin’s “Love Me or Leave Me” and “The Ideal Husband.”

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Now that Cynthia and D’Andre are officially engaged, their relationship is on-off-then on again as Cynthia is still learning what it means to trust a man. Allison has spent a lot of her money paying off tons of credit card debt but now that she doesn’t have those bills; her new addiction is that she likes to gamble. Meanwhile, Elliot Ross is interspersed as a potential love-interest of Allison.


Deniece finally has enough credit hours to graduate from college. She’s excited about the prospect of going on to post-graduate school – maybe law school. After applying to a major law school, all of her energy and excitement is deflated when she receives a letter that she was not accepted – the same week of her birthday. The other sisters had been planning a big birthday party for her but now she begins to sink into depression. Aunt Connie encourages her to keep her head up – that even with disappointments and setbacks, you have to keep living and keep on trying. Don’t let one setback throw your life off track.


Vivian abruptly quits her job and decides that she is going to Paris, France to finally treat herself with a vacation, shopping, dining, and to find some personal fulfillment. She meets and is wooed by a younger Parisian man that she thinks she is in love with. After Vivian is back home and her sisters hate his guts – they say he’s just using her for her money. When she brings up marriage, what her sisters have been saying proves to be true – he didn’t love her at all.


Vivian is about to start school, Deniece gets a job offer across the country and Cynthia and D’Andre are getting married. Vivian has been dealing with her follow-up to her breast cancer scare. Allison’s career is back on track so she’s travelling and doing her thing. Elliot gives greater disclosure about his situation and Aunt Connie’s has offered to be the landlady and manage the house if the sisters want to lease it. The Sisters are all going on with life in completely different directions. Only Vivian will be left at home. The emptiness and the memories are too much for Vivian and overwhelming. They all decide it’s time to sell or lease the family home and move on with life.

Character Descriptions

JACKEE HARRY “Aunt Connie” – the well-meaning aunt of the Walker sisters and surrogate mother, she believes that she is as young as she feels and that any man she meets is her potential husband. She’s funny and sometimes outlandish both in what she says and how she dresses, but in the end she is the maternal thread that keeps the Walker sisters from unraveling or becoming enemies. In spite of her over-the-top and hilarious personality, she still provides wisdom and guidance – at least how she sees it.

CLIFTON POWELL “Rev. Beckley” – the spiritual guide to the Walker sisters both before and since their father passed away leaving them to divide his sizeable estate. Although a man of the cloth, he still has his personal shortcomings human personality as he routinely makes wise-cracks about Aunt Connie or general situations but he still strives to live up to his calling. Inside, he actually is flattered by the attention from Aunt Connie and wants the very best for the Walker family.

KELLITA SMITH “Vivian Walker” – the oldest Walker sister, she has a somewhat jaded world-view but still desires to have her own personal happiness as she struggles to stop feeling sorry for herself. She has always put her sisters’ wants and needs ahead of herself since their mother died when they were still young. Now that the family has money and she’s been given a clean bill of health, Vivian is intent on finally living her life to the full even if it means finally letting go of her personal issues and attachments to her sisters and the past.

DREW SIDORA “Cynthia Walker” – middle Walker sister, she has to learn to trust that a man can really love and accept her. Her relationship with D’Andre is fraught with unfounded suspicion rooted in her own insecurities and her struggle to put aside the “I’m a strong, independent woman who can take care of me” attitude. She’s direct and doesn’t hold back her thoughts so when she says something, be assured that’s what she feels.

AZUR-DE “Deniece Walker” – the youngest Walker sister, she sees the world as hers for the taking. Always the optimist and sort of a bookworm with techno-savvy, she struggles to finish her degree because of all the obstacles that life has thrown in the way of the Walker sisters. Even as optimistic as she is, she finds it difficult to identify with the jaded and distrusting views that her two older sisters frequently exhibit but she refuses to let them bring her down.

JAZSMIN LEWIS “Allison Paige” – the half-sister of the Walker sisters, she has come into their lives suddenly after the death of their father Joseph Walker, who is also her father. The result of an indiscretion on the part of Joseph Walker, she is bi-racial and has always seemingly had a privileged life. She is named as a beneficiary along with the other three Walker sisters – with a stipulation that they all live together in the family home before the estate is evenly divided. Unbeknownst to the other sisters, Allison comes with baggage of her own as old addictions and habits are hard to die.

CHRISTIAN KEYES “D’Andre” – the young man who has always loved Cynthia even when she didn’t have the greatest love for herself. He loved her before the money but now sometimes the money comes between their relationship and his efforts to be the man in their potential future family. His undying love for her creates a friction between the two because of her distrust that there are some (if not many) men who really do love and believe in old-school romance. As they struggle to keep their engagement intact, D’Andre begins to grow into the type of man that Cynthia really can love and be in love with.

TONY GRANT “Elliot Ross” – the handsome and debonair attorney who handled the last will and testament of the late Joseph Walker, he works at the prestigious law firm Ross Brothers Attorneys at Law – his father and uncles being the founders. His immediate attraction to Allison Paige at the reading of the will has grown but he has his own dilemma which prevents him from allowing their mutual attraction from growing. He is a good man who wants to see the Walker sisters have the life that Joseph Walker wanted for them when he left millions of dollars behind.

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