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A Beautiful Soul

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A Beautiful Soul

Release Date: May 4, 2012
Director: Jeff Byrd
Production Company: Relevé Entertainment, Manhaddon Entertainment, Tyscot Film + Entertainment
Producers: Holly Carter, Felicia D. Henderson, Kimberly L. Ogletree and Dominique Telson
Cast: Deitrick Haddon, Harry Lennix, Robert Ri’chard , Lesley Ann Brandt, Barry Floyd , Trevor Jackson, John Salley, Golden Brooks, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Bishop Noel Jones

“A Beautiful Soul” is the story of Andre Stephens (Haddon), an R&B superstar who has success, fame and fortune but has lost his way spiritually. The film follows Andre after his “perfect” life is shattered in a brutal attack that leaves he and his best friend, Chris Johnson (Ri’chard), clinging to life. The tragedy pushes Andre onto a spiritual journey that forces him to make a choice that could change his destiny forever.

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