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In Sickness and in Health






GMC TV, America’s favorite channel for uplifting music and family entertainment, presents the GMC World Premiere Play “In Sickness and in Health,” starring Chico Benymon (“Half & Half,” Ali), Jennifer Freeman (“My Wife and Kids,” You Got Served), Roger Guenveur Smith (American Gangster, Final Destination), Golden Brooks (“Girlfriends,” Timecode), Michael Blackson (The Savages) and gospel singing sensation Darlene McCoy.

The powerful, true-to-life drama about the role of sacrifice and courage in marriage is the third installment in the popular series of wedding vow-themed productions that have aired on the network in 2012. “In Sickness and in Health” makes its world television premiere exclusively on GMC TV on Saturday, June 23rd at 7:00 p.m. ET with encore broadcasts at 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Based on an original screenplay written by Cas Sigers Beedles and directed by Roger Melvin, “In Sickness and in Health” tells the powerfully moving story of Faith (Freeman) and Norman (Benymon), a soon-to-be-married couple facing a potentially life-altering dilemma. With just two weeks to go before their wedding, Faith still hasn’t told her fiancé her deepest secret—that she suffers from sickle-cell anemia. The timing has just never seemed right to come clean about it. Her healthy lifestyle appears to be keeping the disease in check and she’s cherished the belief that Norman’s love would heal her. But having lost her mother to the disease at age 40, she has no illusions about its destructive potential and doesn’t want to put Norman through what her father endured. As the stress of the looming wedding brings on a few painful sickle-cell episodes, Faith reacts by pushing Norman away, which in turn triggers her sister to tell Norman about her illness. Hurt and angry, Faith calls the wedding off and, after a heart-to-heart with Faith’s father about the responsibility of marrying a partner with an illness, even Norman questions his love and commitment to Faith. Can the couple overcome their fears and embrace love, with all the sacrifice that entails, and move forward with their plans?

Airing throughout wedding season, the four plays in GMC’s nuptial series each feature a different cast and new storylines all tied into elements of the traditional marriage vows. Previous productions in the series, “For Richer or Poorer” and “From This Day Forward,” premiered in April and May, respectively.

GMC’s “In Sickness and in Health” is produced by Swirl Films’ Eric Tomosunas, who has produced and taped numerous stage plays and feature-length films for television and DVD including, 35 & Ticking, Love for Sale, A Mother’s Prayer, There’s a Stranger in My House, “Love Me or Leave Me”, “The Ideal Husband”, “The Love You Save”, and Sugar Mommas.”

  1. I really enjoyed the movie In “sickness and in health” thank you for this movie. I have a cousin who has sickle cell and I understood a little of her illness but the movie bought it home for me. Another thing people can see what true love is. My husband of 15 years passed away in 2012. He had kidney failure while we Anne’s a life together. We Inspite of married and after three years he received a transplant. We had a good life together and then he got sick again. I took care of him until his body couldn’t hold up any longer. I don’t have regrets we enjoyed our life the time we had. We traveled, worked, attended church, we were always together. I had a man that loved me and I loved him we both held on to our faith and tried to put God first. Sickness is a test of love but when it is real you can you can handle it and much more.

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