Katt Williams talks Scary Movie 5

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Katt Williams talks Scary Movie 5
By Wilson Morales

April 11, 2013

Coming out this week is ‘Scary Movie 5,’ the latest installment from the Scary Movie franchise.

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, the film has a bevy of talent that includes Ashley Tisdale, Erica Ash, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Simon Rex, Molly Shannon, Terry Crews, Marisa Saks, Heather Locklear, Jasmine Guy, Angie Stone, Kate Walsh, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, Sherée Whitfield, Mike Tyson, Audrina Patridge, Kendra Wilkinson, and Katt Williams.

Co-written and producing the fifth installment alongside Lee is David Zucker, who wrote and directed both Scary Movie 3 and 4. Lampooning the greatest in horror and genre fare, the first four films have grossed over $800 million worldwide.

For Katt Williams, who’s been in many comedies such as Friday After Next, Norbit, and First Sunday, this film gives him the opportunity to enter the horror genre sort of speak.

In speaking with Blackfilm.com, Williams talks about his role and why he chose to be a part of the film.

What is your role in the film?

Katt Williams: I play a magician. Horror is not my genre so I was excited about the fact that the film gets a chance to do a take on ‘Paranormal Activity.’ There are about six different films being spoofed in my part of the film.

What got you involved in the film?

Katt Williams: The first thing that happened was that they were interested in me, which I thought might have been a mistake. I saw the list of everyone that was in the film, and I was wondering why would they need me? Once I realized that it’s Scary Movie 5 and is part of a $800 million franchise, I was really excited to be able to come in and be very comedic so that I could make a strong mark.

Were you able to ad-lib your lines a bit so that fans who know your style can still some of it?

Katt Williams: Well sir, I think you have nailed down the dynamics of acting quite well. If it’s me being me, then it’s not acting, and that would be scary. Fortunately, they were able to come up with a character that is funnier than I am in real life and that was the character that I was able to play.

Had you seen the previous Scary Movie films?

Katt Williams: I had but never thinking that I would be in one. When the offer came in, it wasn’t something that you are allowed to turn down. I felt that I had to this and this is my chance to prove it. In a regular standard movie, you’re given a lot of time and space in order to make your mark in the project. In this film, there were so many home run hitters on deck that it was exciting to me to feel the pressure.

What do you think is needed to make an ensemble comedy work?

Katt Williams: An ensemble is already difficult. An extreme ensemble is obviously difficult. With all big undertakings, it really comes down to who are the captains of the ship. In this rare opportunity, you got not only the Weinstein Company, but David Zucker and the Scary Movie franchise. If you don’t feel comfortable in those hands, then maybe you’re not doing a comedy. I didn’t get a chance to work with Malcolm, but at every stage of the film, you were in capable hands. Once you see the film, you will understand why and it will pay big dividends.

What’s next for you?

Katt Williams: Right now, I’m helping Scary Movie 5 to stay at its usual #1 spot at the box office. If that happens, then it will greenlit my little list of things and it will be full force ahead. I’m in talks about doing a comedy western and I’m extremely excited about that. I think the comedy genre is being demanded. It doesn’t have anything to do with being black, white, gay or anything along those lines. It’s important that we all pitch in and make sure that any project is successful.

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