Tyler Perry being considered for role in David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’

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Tyler Perry being considered for role in David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’
Posted by Wilson Morales

July 25, 2013

Source: THR

Producer/ Director/ Actor Tyler Perry, whose last non-directed film was the thriller Alex Cross, is being considered for a supporting role in David Fincher‘s mystery thriller ‘Gone Girl.’

According to THR, Perry is being eyed for a role along with Neil Patrick Harris. Rosamund Pike has been offered and is expected to accept the starring role opposite Ben Affleck in the 20th Century Fox film.

Pike will play a wife who goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary, as her husband (Affleck) becomes the prime suspect. Much of the story is told in flashbacks.

Author Gillian Flynn adapted the screenplay from her novel, which became one of the biggest sellers of 2012. Reese Witherspoon, who optioned the book last summer, is producing alongside Bruna Papandrea and Leslie Dixon.

The film is set to go into production in September.

Perry’s first non-lead, non-directed, non-produced film was as Admiral Barnett in J. J. Abrams‘ 2009 Star Trek. When speaking to Blackfilm.com then about appearing in someone else’s film, he stated, “He (Abrams) was the first. It didn’t make sense to do a movie that I can do myself. I don’t want you to call me and ask me to do a film about a black family. I can do that myself. I don’t want to be in your movie doing that. Now, if you want me to do ‘Mission: Impossible’, or ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Wolverine’, which I was called for but I couldn’t do because I was doing ‘The Family That Preys’, but those sort of films, yes, I can do that.”

  1. Velicia Williams says:

    I would love to see Tyler Perry broaden himself in more movie roles. I do believe he has more depth as an actor to be tapped into.