SDCC 2014: Vivica A. Fox Talks ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’

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SDCC 2014: Vivica A. Fox Talks Sharknado 2
Posted by Wilson Morales

July 29, 2014

Sharknado 2 The Second One poster

Premiering on Wednesday, July 30 at 9/8c on the SyFy Network is Sharknado 2: The Second One, starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox and Mark McGrath. Among the guest stars are Kelly Osbourne, Judd Hirsch, Judah Friedlander, Andy Dick, Perez Hilton, and many more.

A sequel to the 2013 breakout ratings hit, Sharknado, a freak weather system turns its deadly fury on New York City, unleashing a Sharknado on the population and its most cherished, iconic sites – and only Fin (Ziering) and April (Reid) can save the Big Apple.

For Vivica A. Fox, it’s an opportunity to get back in the sci-fi genre since she starred opposite Will Smith in ‘Independence Day’ nearly 20 years ago. Approaching a milestone birthday on the same day the film airs, the South Bend, Indiana native has done numerous films and TV projects over her long career including Soul Food, Booty Call, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Two Can Play That Game, Juwanna Mann, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Cover, and the TV series, 1-800-Missing which she also served as co-executive producer.

Vivica A. Fox Sharknado The Second One

While promoting Sharknado 2 recently at the San Diego Comic-Con, Fox talks about her character and what the Kill Bill films did for her career.

How are you?

Vivica A. Fox: Great, we’re here! I can’t believe it. We shot this film and it is already coming out and it’s coming out on my birthday.

Is this your first time in San Diego for Comic-Con?

FOX: No, this is my second time. I was here once before for “Kill Bill”.

Can you talk about the character you’re playing?

FOX: I play Skye. I’m basically a chocolate blast from the past, that’s what I like to call her. Her and Fin went to high school together and they have a little bit of unfinished business, and she comes back and she’s this big surf hero and tries to rekindle her romance. In the meantime, a sharknado comes about, so I help him slice up some shark and kick some shark’s ass!


What was the attraction to doing the movie?

FOX: I wanted a little sci-fi back in my life, I hadn’t done a sci-fi film in awhile. Then I wanted some action, so I got the best of both worlds with “Sharknado 2”. So I’m really excited, when I got the offer I jumped at the opportunity. Ian and I worked together on “90210” years ago, and Tara I’ve known for a long time but we never had the opportunity to work together. It was just a win-win situation. And then everyone and their momma wanted to be in the movie! There’s something like 30 cameos. We watched a screening about a week-and-a-half ago and I was sitting there going… it never ceased to amaze me that everyone wanted to be a part of it, and we shot the film in 20-days, so it was a tight shoot and we did it. We delivered “Sharknado 2”.

Vivica A. Fox and Ian Ziering

Will it keep going? “Sharknado 3-D?”

FOX: (laughs) YES! I went to see “Hercules” in 3-D last night, so if we can get two Hercules out in one year we can have “Sharknado 3-D,” why not?

Who would you like to see be a cameo in “Sharknado 3”?

FOX: Wow. That’s a good question? Everyone’s wanting to do it. How about that one girl that’s an MMA fighter?

Ronda Rousey.

FOX: Yes, I’d like to see her in it. We could put Floyd Mayweather in it, have a little chocolate. Let’s put a rapper, we can put Iggy Azalea and Nikki Minaj and those bitches can fight each other.

How was it shooting in New York?

FOX: For me it was great shooting in New York ’cause I love New York, I love shopping, but it was just cold in the elements. It was so cold, I could not believe how cold it was, but we made it through it, they kept us warm, fed us a lot of hot chocolate and coffee. That was the only bad part of it was the cold.

Vivica A. Fox Sharknado The Second One 2

Did you have to do a lot of CGI?

FOX: Yeah, the last two days were CGI and harness and wind, but at least it was wind on a stage. It wasn’t mother nature and wind coming around the corner in New York City that was frigid.

Did you catch the first film when it first aired or after all the buzz?

FOX: After all the buzz. Of course I heard about it and everyone wanting to make fun of it, and I was so happy for Ian and Tera that it was the movie that was just so successful and it was like “Na na na na na, we did it! And we’re coming back for some more!”

Are you a fan of these genres? Sci-fi horror?

FOX: I’m not a big fan of horror, I do love sci-fi, but I sure can act scared, I sure can frighten you, and I’m good with a blade. Right? From “Kill Bill”? I did my thing. They’re all the rage right now. How many “Saw”‘s did they make, 5 or 6? Eight? Damn.

Vivica A. Fox Kill Bill

What did “Kill Bill” do for you after putting you on a bigger platform?

FOX: For me it meant I got to go executive produce my own television show for the Lifetime Network, “Missing”. It gave me more of a power position. To be a little more in control of the products I give to my audience. That was wonderful for me, to have that, and I tried to never take that for granted. After all the years and all the hard work I’d done, that now I get to wear that producer hat, now I’m greenlighting projects. It’s a beautiful thing and a blessing.

What was the buzz you were getting from your friends when they found out you were in “Sharknado”?

FOX: People were stoked, are you kidding me? People were like, “YES, DO IT!” Not one person was like, “What? You’re doing what?” “Sharknado” was huge, so they were excited, but then I told them I had to go to New York they were like, “Eww, it’s gonna be cold.” That was the only thing.

Sharknado 2 The Second One pic Ian and Vivica

What disaster scares you the most?

FOX: Tornados. I grew up in the Midwest, in Indianapolis, and just the lightning and the sky going black and the rain and the wind. How many tornados have we seen just take cities and destroy them? For me it would be a tornado. I can roll with an earthquake!

What was your favorite “Sharknado” kill?

FOX: It might have been when I was on top of the building and I slice a couple of them up. That was a good one, that was pretty cool! I was in slow motion. I was happy.


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