Spike Lee’s ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ To Hit Theaters On Feb. 2015

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Spike Lee’s ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ To Hit Theaters On Feb. 2015
Posted by Wilson Morales

November 19, 2014

Spike Lee Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

After making its World Premiere at the 2013 American Black Film Festival, Spike Lee’s newest film, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,’ has found a distributor.

Gravitas Ventures has announced its acquisition of North American rights to Lee’s film and will release it theatrically and on video on demand, starting on February 13, 2015.

Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus poster 2

A Spike Lee Joint, DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS is a new kind of love story, one that centers on an addiction to blood that once doomed a long forgotten ancient African tribe. When Dr. Hess Green (Stephen Tyrone Williams) is introduced to a mysteriously cursed artifact by an art curator, Lafayette Hightower (Elvis Nolasco), he is uncontrollably drawn into a newfound thirst for blood that overwhelms his soul. He however is not a vampire. Lafayette quickly succumbs to the ravenous nature of the infliction but leaves Hess a transformed man. Soon Lafayette’s wife, Ganja Hightower (Zaraah Abrahams), comes looking for her husband and becomes involved in a dangerous romance with Hess that questions the very nature of love, addiction, sex, and status in our seemingly sophisticated society.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus - Stephen and the Artifact

A reinterpretation of Bill Gunn’s horror cult film “Ganja & Hess”, which played as a Critics’ Choice at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, Spike Lee’s stylized thriller features an Original Score by Bruce Hornsby.

“Making DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS is one of my most gratifying experiences in my body of work… The support and love we got raising the money through Kickstarter is a true blessing. I thank everyone who brought this New Spike Lee Joint to life,” stated Lee.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus - Zaraah Swamp Brush

Initially funded by Kickstarter, “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” is produced by Chiz Schultz (who also produced “Ganja & Hess”) and Spike Lee, co-produced by Jason Sokoloff, with cinematography by Daniel Patterson, costume design by Ruth E. Carter, production design by Kay Lee, and editing by Randy Wilkins.

The production company is 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks. The original songs soundtrack is from Epic Records.


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