Watch Tatyana Ali in Clip From ‘Teachers’

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LAFF Preview: Tatyana Ali in Teachers
Posted by Wilson Morales

June 2, 2015

Teachers Tatyana Ali

Playing at the Los Angeles Film Festival through Film Independent’s Project Involve Program on June 11 is Mark Columbus’ short film “Teachers” starring Tatyana Ali and Jordyn Barber.

The film explores the complications and realities of high poverty education in the United States – capturing the difficult and emotional experience educators face when dealing with students with troubling situations.

Teachers Jordyn Barber

Tatyana Ali, Actress, education activist, and Harvard University grad stars in the film as Ms. Faith Mayfield. MS. FAITH MAYFIELD is a driven but also exhausted high school Social Studies teacher who has one student in particular, ELLIE THOMPSON, who’s taken the 10th grade two times already, and unless she excels on the final exam, will repeat again. Anxious and unnerving to that idea, Ms. Mayfield confronts Ellie, attempting to instill passion and motivation in her education, though she discovers that Ellie’s struggles are a direct result of her bigger responsibility in helping out her family. As she pleads with Ellie, Ms. Mayfield discovers that her family is flirting with the idea of Ellie dropping out of high school altogether to work full-time.


Written by Jason Park and produced by Stephen Love, the film was created in the Project Involve Program at Film Independent and its subject has a personal meaning for Columbus, who also teaches elementary and high school students filmmaking, as part of the LIFI Youth Cinema Project, since he was a high school dropout himself; though he eventually graduated from UCLA after much struggle.

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