Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War 
by Andrew Janey

Captain America Civil War IMAX poster

Captain America Civil War is flat out fantastic! Your favorite Avengers are back at it again, doing what they do best, saving the world. But when the powers that our superheroes use to protect and serve, end up harming innocent people, changes are needed to make sure our heroes don’t become villains in the eyes of the world. Yet these changes come at a price and leads our band of extraordinary individuals to choose sides, ideologies and in a way family.

In a world of superhero films, where you quickly lose count of how many have perished for our hero to save humanity, or well what’s left of it. Civil War calculates and highlights the cost of violence and destruction that it takes in order to save most and if that justifies the means of losing some. This great moral lesson is only intensified when some Avengers helmed by Iron Man feel government sanctions and permission is necessary to fight evil and protect the common man from their powers. Where Captain America and his fellow superheroes fear it’s a slippery slope giving up their control to fight with their powers to countries and agendas that might not match their own. Couple that with the greatest fight sequences you’ve ever seen in cinema history and Civil War becomes the new benchmark of what an action, superhero, just a great film should be period.

Captain America Civil War Faceoff Poster

Also exciting in the film is the introduction of Black Panther, played expertly by Chadwick Boseman (of 42 and Get On Up fame). Black Panther’s arrival and reasoning behind joining the Civil War will have you considering your own self and what you would do in his situation. The need for closure, for answers, for vengeance, for family are all great reasons to fight but will the fight cloud and consume the hero? Civil War tackles this in a heartfelt, true, and for some heartbreaking way.

This film is one for the ages and cannot be missed! Will it break box office records? Yes it will! Is this the greatest Marvel film of all time? Quite possibly. Can Marvel miss? Not if they continue with such groundbreaking films. Marvel and the iconic Stan Lee have become a modern day Shakespeare. Weaving stories with the most human and extraordinary qualities, they allow to foster and inspire a better understanding of our fellow man and ourselves.

Captain America Civil War is epic! It is the type of film you’ll want to see in theaters over and over again. So get ready for May 6th, and prepare to witness the new and greatest echelon of superhero filmmaking.

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