First Look At Tyler Perry’s New Drama Series ‘Too Close To Home’

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First Look At Tyler Perry’s New Drama Series ‘Too Close To Home’
Posted by Wilson Morales

June 28, 2016

Tyler Perry Too Close To Home

TLC has released a first look at ‘Too Close To Home,’ a new drama and first scripted series for the cable outlet that Tyler Perry will write, direct and executive produce. BOTH and TLC and OWN are under the same corporation, Discovery Communications.

“Too Close To Home” is an eight-part drama series will center on a young woman who achieves unparalleled success on the Washington political circuit, only to see it slip away when her affair with a married senator makes headlines. She is forced back to her trailer-park beginnings, where her past and its players resurface.

Too Close To Home 1

Danielle Savre will star as the lead Anna while Heather Locklear and Matt Battaglia join the cast as guest stars. Cast in other leading roles are Brock O’Hurn, Kelly Sullivan, Brad Benedict and Brooke Anne Smith.

Series regulars include Alpha Trivette, Trisha Rae Stahl, Robert Craighead, Annie Thrash, and Curran Walters. Recurring cast members are Ashley Love-Mills, Nick Ballard, Charles Justo, Christian Ochoa, and Justin Gabriel.

TLC Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home Cast

“We are thrilled with this dynamic cast for our first ever scripted project on TLC,” said Nancy Daniels, President and General Manager, TLC. “Tyler Perry has proven time and time again that his characters are at the crux of great storytelling. Too Close to Home is yet another example of that, and we know our viewers will be enthralled with how this story unfolds.”

The story follows Anna, a young woman who escaped her working class upbringing in Alabama to start fresh in Washington, D.C. After making national headlines in a major political scandal involving one of the nation’s most powerful players, she is forced to return to her roots and face a past she thought she left behind. Seeking help and forgiveness from the same people she abandoned for a “better” life, Anna finds herself right back where she worked so hard to escape… TOO CLOSE TO HOME.

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