RonReaco Lee, Teyonah Parris Talk “Survivor’s Remorse” Season 3

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RonReaco Lee, Teyonah Parris Talk “Survivor’s Remorse” Season 3
Posted by Imani N. Cruz

August 3, 2016

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With the third season of STARZ’s “Survivor’s Remorse” currently airing, actors RonReaco Lee and Teyonah Parris spoke about their roles and the where they derived their inspiration from. The series, which is loosely based on the life of NBA player Lebron James, seeks to tell the story of a young basketball player, Cam Calloway, that has recently been signed to the league and suddenly becomes rich – inturn, moving his entire family into a larger mansion and experiencing a huge lifestyle change. Ronreaco Lee plays Calloway’s agent, portraying Lebron’s long time manager and childhood friend Maverick Carter.

While the series is very loosely based on the lives of both James and Carter, Lee says that in preparing for his role, he studied Maverick and the careers of other sports agents very closely. “I watched the first season of Entourage. The beauty of Reggie is that he’s very much sort a fish out of water, much like he was a fish out of water managing Vince. I could very easily connect the two, so I used that first season to start my process”

RonReaco Lee

Lee also added that his on-screen relationship with Cam is reminiscent of Lebron’s relationship with Maverick. “Lebron won the championship not too long ago, and when I saw Lebron and Maverick embrace it was that thing of like “Oh wow! That could be Cam and Reggie one day!”. It was just beautiful to see … I’ll never forget the day that Lebron decided to fire his squad, and hire his boys. Every article I read that pertained to that, thought he was making the biggest mistake and you look at it now. Billion dollar deal from Nike, a championship. He definitely did the right thing. Much like Maverick clearly has Lebron’s best interest at heart, Reggie does too.”

Around 2005, Carter took over as Lebron’s manager, and drew much criticism from the sports industry, citing that someone so inexperienced wouldn’t be beneficial to Lebron. Lee pulled from that and used it to inspire him as he grew into his role as Calloway’s agent. “It wasn’t like he was playing a guy that had been doing this for 15-20 years, he was essentially playing a character that is coming into this world of managing a professional athlete and has to learn and has to make mistakes,” Lee said.

Teyonah Parris

Lee’s on-screen wife, Teyonah Parris, plays Missy who moved to Atlanta with Reggie to support his new role as Calloway’s manager. Subsequently, Parris becomes Calloway’s media consultant and begins to further immerse herself into the Calloway family. Portraying one of very few modern, successful black couples, Parris speaks on the why representation matters. “It’s so important … to have a variety of representation on television. To see a young black couple on television that is successful, who is supportive, who are in a committed relationship – we don’t have that on television. I think that what STARZ is doing and what Survivor’s Remorse does, by having this couple and giving it this platform to not only deal with very relevant issues, as it pertains to being married, but just being black, and just being a human, is so important. We need that representation and we don’t have it.” Parris said.

Teyonah Parris and RonReaco Lee - Missy and Reggie on Survivor's Remorse

Parris says that having a voice or a role with the power to influence, comes with great responsibility. “We have this platform and we can use it to put a different narrative out. The narrative we’ve seen so far is that light is right and skinny is winning. It’s just not that often that u get to see a chocolate woman.” In one such episode, Parris chooses intentionally hires a model with dark skin to model alongside Cam in an advertisement. When the model is unable to make it, the agency replaces her with a light skin. Parris becomes infuriated and proceeds to deliver a touching monologue about her experiences as a dark skin women living in a world that deems her skin complexion unattractive. “What this show does so brilliantly is take a very sensitive subject like colorism and really flip it on it’s head … I love that about this show.” Parris said.

Experience “Survivor’s Remorse” on Sunday nights at 10pm on STARZ.

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