La La Anthony & Rotimi Talk Power Season 4

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La La Anthony & Rotimi Talk Power Season 4
Posted by Bageot Dia

June 25, 2017

With the upcoming fourth season of its hit drama series Power set to air on Sunday, June 25, had the opportunity to speak with La La Anthony (LaKeisha) and Olurotimi Akinosho aka Rotimo (Dre) regarding their roles.

From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and show creator Courtney A. Kemp, the “Power” cast is led by Hardwick as drug kingpin and nightclub impresario James “Ghost” St. Patrick; Joseph Sikora, as his brother in arms in the drug business, Tommy Egan; Naturi Naughton plays James’ fierce, loyal wife Tasha St. Patrick; and Lela Loren as his first love Assistant U.S. Attorney, Angela Valdes.

Season 4 will open with “Ghost” behind bars, following his highly publicized arrest by his ex-girlfriend, Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Valdes, for the murder of FBI Agent Greg Knox – a crime he did not commit. Ghost can’t outrun his past choices and mounting enemies this season, which threaten his freedom and his family’s safety at every turn. His fight for redemption brings him face-to-face with the Feds, the media, new allies, and old foes. But the biggest obstacle for Ghost remains himself and his internal struggle between the man he wants to be and the one he really is.

Among the new additions this season are Fast & Furious actor Sung Kang, the late Charlie Murphy and “Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon, and Lorenz Tate. Dixon will have a recurring role as Terry Silver, an accomplished attorney who is suspicious of James “Ghost” St. Patrick and his criminal activity, while Murphy plays a United States Marshal named Williams. Tate will play a city councilman from Jamaica Queens who crosses paths with the now imprisoned Ghost. Kang, who signed on for Seasons 4 and 5, will play the new state attorney on the case.

What was your first impressions when you got the script for Season 4?

La La Anthony: I was so happy because LaKeisha has always been around. LaKeisha was on Season 1 episode 1. She’s always been there and people are intrigued by her and they want to know more about her. With this season, you finally get to know her and seeing her in different relationships and different situations. For me as an actress, there’s nothing more gratifying than that and it was a slow build, but it was definitely a build and now we’re at a great place.

Rotimi: It’s cool because being a young actor, and with this season, art imitated life. Dre is the man at the club and he’s learning more about himself. People are actually investing more in him. But as an actor, so much is being asked of me to bring everyday and this is a show that you can’t bullshit at all. It’s a cool experience and the writing is crazy.

At what point do we discover where Dre’s loyalty goes to?

Rotimi: Dre’s only loyalty is a his daughter and he’s a survivor. He feels that he’s just as smart as Ghost and Kanan and the way that’s it’s written is that his character is a mixture of both. As the season goes on, he’s still trying to figure out how to do this or how to run that and what loyalties to build. He also wants to be the man at the top of the hill and he’s willing to do anything for that.

If you could meet your character in real life, how would you feel?

Rotimi: I grew up with Dre’s, you know what I mean? Like in my neighborhood I grew up with people that had that mentality of whatever means necessary meant I gotta do what I gotta do. Um, would we be friends? I’d be cool with him; dap him up real quick. You know, keep it moving. But yeah, I’d probably just keep it real cordial.

La La Anthony: Yeah. I think I would definitely be friends with LaKeisha, because I know a lot of LaKeishas. I have a friend who is my Lakeisha. And that’s where it’s no filters, no holds barred, like: “girl, what are you doing? You need to be doing this, or you need to be doing that,” and I just won’t say anything. But I love it, I accept it, I could definitely see myself. I am friends with a lot of LaKeishas.

Out of all the episodes in the series, what would you deem your favorite so far?

Rotimi: I think there’s an episode where – I’ll tell you which one – there’s an episode between me and Joe that’s fire. The scene that we both go there. Where it’s really intense. And usually when they say “cut” I gotta shake it off, and move to the next thing but I was still really in my feelings about it. And that’s when I knew when I’m growing as an actor.

La La Anthony: 
I had a couple of those moments with Joe as well throughout the season. With us being in this complicated relationship, where real tears and real stuff is happening and it’s like an – I don’t know – it’s like an out of body experience. Like, you’re looking at yourself saying “wow, I’m really crying; I’m really feeling this right now,” and it made for some – I hope it made for some great TV.

POWER season 4 premieres on STARZ on June 25th.

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