Trailer To Action Thriller ‘Segfault’

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Trailer To Action Thriller ‘Segfault’
Posted by Wilson Morales

August 14, 2017

Set to premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival is director Robert Paschall Jr.’s “Segfault,” which is the first feature length film to be filmed in under 24 hours. What’s also interesting is that the film’s lead actress Shannon Lucio was given no script. The tagline is “A woman becomes increasingly aware of her fractured past as a corrupt organization closes in.” caught up as Paschall Jr. as he gave some insight to the film.

Robert Paschall Jr.: I had this crazy idea that I wanted to shoot a movie in one night. I wanted to shoot an entire feature film in one night. We shot a 90 min feature in less than 24 hours. We went 467 miles to 20 locations with 18 actors. That’s not even the crazy part. Our lead actress Shannon Lucio did not get a copy of the script, the story, didn’t know her character name and in the film she wakes up in a hotel room with amnesia and a dead body. She had to figure out how to get to the end of the film.

We had actors stage in the two different cities we went to. The other actors had to lead her down this path bit it’s all real conversations. She had to figure who she is and why she was in the hotel room with a dead body.

We had two camera crews filming her and another crew filming the other actors. The entire time she’s being chased by the government.

Why this concept? 

Robert Paschall Jr.: So many movies are created today without goals or motivation. They are just doing things to do things. I want a movie where our lead actress can work off the opposite. She has to figure out who she is and be motivated to move forward in the story. Someone has to tell her to go to a certain place. The director can’t tell her and the story can’t tell her. I rehearsed for three days with the 17 actors only going the goals and motivations off each of their characters and how to get her to go where she needs to go without telling her.

This is my 10th film but it was the hardest I had to edit because everything was done on one take. I’m proud of the crew. I’m proud of the cast and producers.

Segfault will premiere on September 10 at 10pm at the Thompson Hotel. 

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