Michael K. Williams Talks Season 3 Of Hap and Leonard: The Two Bear Mambo

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Michael K. Williams Talks Season 3 of Hap and Leonard: The Two Bear Mambo
Posted by Antwand Pearman

March 7, 2018

Starting today at 10pm is Season 3 of SundanceTV’s anthology series “Hap and Leonard: The Two Bear Mambo,” starring Michael Kenneth Williams (“The Night Of,” “The Wire”) and James Purefoy (“Altered Carbon,” “Rome”).

Hap and Leonard is a darkly comedic Southern noir chronicling the adventures of two unlikely best friends — Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. Hap is a white former conscientious objector, and Leonard is a black, openly gay Vietnam veteran.

When Florida Grange goes missing in the Klan-infested town of Grovetown, Hap and Leonard set out to find her. As the mystery unfolds, Hap and Leonard find themselves at odds with a cast of characters so tough they could chew the bumper off a pickup truck – including a possibly corrupt sheriff and the leader of the Caucasian Knights. Set in East Texas, against an impending storm of biblical proportions, Hap and Leonard scramble to locate Florida before the Klan locates them. The boys learn that the good guys don’t always win – and that nobody beats Mother Nature.

Hap and Leonard was created by novelist Joe R. Lansdale and adapted from his series of novels of the same name. The series was written and developed by Nick Damici and Jim Mickle.

Blackfilm.com correspondent Antwand Pearman recently caught up with Williams as he talked about his character for Season 3.

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