Get Out Crosses $100M, Making Jordan Peele 1st Black Writer-Director To Do So With Feature Debut


Get Out Crosses $100M, Making Jordan Peele 1st Black Writer-Director To Do So With Feature Debut
Posted by Wilson Morales

March 12, 2017

With a production cost of $4.5M and a gross of $21.07M at the box office this weekend, Universal’s horror thriller “Get Out” has the crossed the $100M mark, which makes Jordan Peele the first Black writer-director to do so with his feature debut.

While there has been countless directors who have had their feature debut gross over the century mark, no Black director had done it with their own screenplay. Director Clark Johnson‘s 2003 feature debut S.W.A.T also grossed $100M but the screenplay was adapted by David Ayer and David McKenna off the TV series.

According to Deadline, “Get Out” also became the fastest Blumhouse title to hit that mark in 16 days, beating Split‘s 19 days to the mark. Dropping 25% from last week’s take, Universal is reporting a $8.76M Saturday for a third weekend of $21.07M and running cume of $111.05M.

The $100M plateau also makes it the 4th fastest for a Black director, followed by John Singleton’s 2003 2 Fast 2 Furious, which cross the plateau in 17 days and ended with a a total gross of $127M.

Here are the other African Americans who have it $100M domestically with their films and the amount of days it took.

F. Gary Gray’s 2015 Straight Outta Compton (9 Days, $161M total domestic cume)
Tim Story’s 2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (12 days, $131M)
Keenan Ivory Wayans’s 2000 Scary Movie (14 days, $157M ),
John Singleton’s 2003 2 Fast 2 Furious (17 days, $127M)
Tim Story’s 2014 Ride Along (23 days, $134M)
Clark Johnson’s 2003 S.W.A.T (24 days, ($116M)
Ryan Coogler’s 2015 Creed (38 Days, $109M)
Lee Daniels with 2013 Lee Daniels’ The Butler (46 days, $116M)
Antoine Fuqua’s 2014 The Equalizer (66 days, $101M)
F. Gary Gray’s 2003 The Italian Job (95 days, $106.1M)

Sidney Poitier’s 1980 Stir Crazy took in a domestic total $101.3M but there are no records that show how many days it took to reach that mark. It’s worth noting “Crazy” was the first time a film directed by an African-American earned more than $100 million.

1.) Kong: Skull Island (20th/Leg), 3,846 theaters  / $20.2M Fri. (includes $3.7M in previews) /$24M Sat/$16.7M Sun/ 3-day: $61M /Wk 1

2.) Logan (Fox), 4,071 theaters  (0)/ $10.4M Fri. (-68%) /$16.4M Sat/$11.1M Sun/ 3-day: $37.9M (-57%)/Total: $152.7M/Wk 2

3.) Get Out (UNI), 3,143 theaters (+205) / $6M Fri. (-25%) / $8.76M Sat/$6.3M Sun/3-day: $21.07M (-25%)/Total: $111.05M/Wk 3

4.) The Shack (LG), 2,888 theaters (0) / $2.7M Fri. (-51%) / $4.2M Sat/$3.15M Sun/3-day: $10M (-38%) /Total: $32.2M/Wk 2

5). The LEGO Batman Movie (WB), 3,303 theaters (-353) / $1.7M Fri.  /$3.6M Sat/$2.5M Sun/ 3-day: $7.8M (-33%) / Total: $159M/Wk 5

6.) Before I Fall  (OR), 2,346 theaters  / $930K Fri.  / $1.3M Sat/$858K Sun/3-day: $3.1M (-33%)/Total: $9M/Wk 2

7.) Hidden Figures (FOX), 1,421 theaters (-161) / $715K Fri.  /$1.3M Sat/$750K Sun/ 3-day: $2.765M (-27%) / Total: $162.86M / Wk 12

8.) John Wick: Chapter 2(LGF), 2,031 theaters (-444) / $695K Fri.  /$1.2M Sat/$805K Sun/ 3-day: $2.7M (-44%) / Total:$87.4M Wk 5

9.) La La Land (LGF), 1,578 theaters (+167) / $486K Fri/$803K Sat/$481K Sun/ 3-day: $1.77M (-41%) Total: $148.4M / Wk 14

10.) Fifty Shades Darker(UNI), 1,498 theaters (-707) / $537K Fri. /$718K Sat/$375K Sun/ 3-day: $1.63M (-54%) / Total: $112.9M/ Wk 5

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