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Kim Fields Talks Holiday Love

Kim Fields Talks ‘Holiday Love’by Wilson Morales

December 24, 2011

Kim Fields’ Highly Acclaimed Christmas Special “Holiday Love”
Returns to TV-One for 2-Hours Christmas Morning 7am-9am EST

Last Christmas actress, director, producer and host Kim Fields executive produced and directed, along with her husband, Christopher Morgan, her first Christmas Special, “Holiday Love.” Reminiscent of “The Carol Burnett Show,” “Flip Wilson,” and “Laugh-In,” Kim desired to create a program that afforded families the opportunity to come together in front of the TV and enjoy laughs, great music and fellowship. Kim reached out to several celebrity guests; from radio, Gospel music and comedy to join her in this awesome venture and they all said yes!

Among the celebrity guests include Gospel Sensation, Marvin Sapp, Comedian, Rickey Smiley, Chart Topping Gospel Artist, Brian Courtney Wilson, Dove and Stellar Winner, Tye Tribbett, Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist, Yolanda Adams, Jazz Saxophonist, Gerald Albright, Nationally Known Spoken-Word Artist, Karen Briggs, R&B Sensation, Kenny Lattimore, Gospel Workout Guru, Donna Richardson Joyner, Grammy Award Winning Gospel artist Smokie Norful and others! spoke to Fields about the the extended version of ‘Holiday Love,’ and her other projects including ‘A Cross to Bear,’ and ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’

How happy are you that ‘Holiday Love’ is back again on TV One?

Kim Fields: I’m very excited about it. Not only are they re-airing it, but they are showing the entire extended two hour version. So there’s more music, more laughs, and more dancing. I thrilled TV One giving us Christmas morning. It’s a testament to what they thing of the project. When it aired last year, it was a one hour show. Because it’s not a concert, it’s not like you can pull out the performances. There’s a storyline and lots of things going on, so we’re happy that the two hour will air this year. One storyline is where I’m trying to throw the holiday event of the season and inviting over family and friends and one by one everyone has to leave; and the other storyline is of my husband who’s desperately trying to get home for the holidays after his tour bus breaks down and all the obstacles that get in his way.

How did you put together this cast of comedians and singers?

KF: I looked at who I am a fan of and by the grace of God, it turns out that they were fans of ours and people just wanted to be involved. That was such a great thing.

Did you give the singers the option of what songs they wanted to sing?

KF: With some people, we gave them the options and with others, we asked them if they could a certain type of song. For example, with Marvin Sapp, we wanted to have him to sing as well as speak into the area of dealing with the loss of a loved one in the holiday season and when those residual feelings come back time and time again; and how to flip the script so that you end up celebrating their life as opposed to it being a negative issue. The holidays could be difficult for people who deal with loss whether it happened a year ago or years ago. With Tye Tribbett, we wanted him to do something so fun and upbeat that mirrors what he’s about as an artist and it was perfect for him to do ‘Little Drummer Boy’ with three kids, including my own son, Sebastian. With Ledisi, we thought we have to get an original love song for some new holiday tradition. We weren’t going to force anyone to do anything but we’re glad that they all saw the same vision. It’s good to see Karen Briggs and Gerald Albright doing the jazz battle on ‘Silent Night.’

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

KF: Right now, the way that it moved me to tears is Kenny Lattimore singing ‘O Come, Let Us Adore Him’ in acapella. There are no words.

It’s good to have a special around this holiday?

KF: Absolutely. What we are trying to do is establish a home for the brand that is ‘Holiday Love,’ so that next year, five years from now, or who knows how many years, you know that this is your destination. Hopefully, we can have different ‘Holiday Love’ movies and specials.

In a few months, we will see you back in front of the camera with GMC’s ‘Cross the Bear.’ Can you talk about that?

KF: That’s a different turn for me as an actress. It’s a role that people are not used to seeing me portray. It’s very intense and dramatic role. The movie is very intense, yet inspiring. It’s based on a true story of a women’s journey to climb out of the ashes and rebuild her life.

Not only are you acting on the small screen, later in 2012, we will see you in ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting.’ Did you audition for a part in the film?

KF: I did audition. I was thrilled to be involved. I get to work with Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santiago and be part of their storyline as the social worker that helps facilitates their adoption. It was a lot of fun, but very nervous. I had taken the last few years and worked behind the camera as a director. It’s not like I take time off to act or I take time off to direct. It’s really about what work is coming down the pipeline and what work is being scheduled. With this film, I was familiar with the book and I though it was going to be a terrific project and they were shooting in Atlanta so I didn’t have to travel far. It felt good and felt right.

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