2012 Urbanworld Film Fest Preview: Vishnu J. Seesahai’s ‘Candid’

2012 Urbanworld Film Fest Preview: Vishnu J. Seesahai’s ‘Candid’Posted by Wilson Morales

September 13, 2012

Written and directed by Vishnu J. Seesahai, ‘Candid’ will make its world premiere at the Urbanworld Film Festival.

The film screens on Fri., Sept 21, 10:30pm; Sat., Sept. 22, 10pm; AMC 34th Street; Tickets at the box office, or here.

A video voyeur stalks women in the city with a digital camera until he crosses paths with beautiful model who harbors a dark secret; she is a serial killer.

Candid is an excursion into the worlds of voyeurism and exhibitionism. In today’s era of ubiquitous cameras, and reality based entertainment most people find themselves on one side of the lens or the other. Candid an exploration into this disturbing trend.

The Cornell grad previously co-directed The Manifesto.

Here’s the first 10 minutes

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