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Think Like A Man Too Set Visit

Think Like A Man Too Set Visitby MeShay Talae

May 20, 2014

Think Like A Man Too posterThe sounds of slot machines from an early, morning casino are no longer at full volume. The strippers, b-day boys, girls, bachelors, bachelorettes and drunk-in-love couples, are tucked in a bed-rehab for hangovers. And Although Vegas is softly, awake a production crew preps the final lighting adjustments, and we all await the stars, of Think Like A Man 2 to come to set.

Set to open on June 20, 2014, the screenplay was written by Keith Merryman and David A. Newman, who also wrote the original film. Steve Harvey, on whose book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man the original film is based, will serve as executive producer alongside Rushion McDonald and Rob Hardy of Rainforest Films.

Tim Story returns as Director in the Will Packer, produced film, slated to hit theaters June 20th and you can expect the cast (Adam Brody, Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Dennis Haysbert, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence J, Jenifer Lewis, Romany Malco, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Gary Owen, Gabrielle Union, David Walton, Kevin Hart) to bring it!

1200290 - THINK LIKE A MAN TOOThe story sets in Vegas, where all of your favorite couples arrive in Sin City to celebrate Michael and Candace’s (Regina Hall, Terrance Jenkins.) wedding. Inevitably, plans for the romantic weekend go awry and you can count on Cedric (Kevin Hart) to be the ‘pack leader’ of shenanigans in this Vegas turn-up #YoungDro.

We got to see the actors act out some of the final scenes of the movie and in-between takes Kevin Hart would come over and talk with the group of press. Studio PR clung to Kevin’s every word, as the comedian in him, is liable to say whatever is on his mind.

Think Like A Man Too 10Kevin Hart: “ I don’t know I personally got tricked I told them I’ll do it but I wanted a different director because I felt the first one could have been shot better and I think sometimes when you go with the same guy…”

Taraji P. Henson: “ Can you answer the question for real “?

KH: “ I’m being serious me and Tim Story’s relationship isn’t where it’s suppose to be that’s my answer…”

Everyone bursts into laughter as the PR team exhales.

At one point, I am certain we all paid a little more attention when Michael Ealy began to refer to lots of sex, “…At the time we made the first one I’ve never had more fun or sex during, in the movie so that was enough for me to come back, Ealy jokingly, said when asked about coming back for the second installment.

Think Like A Man Too 24ON THE SEQUEL

TPH: “I was a little nervous to be quite honest. I’m a little nervous whenever something goes really well and then they are like we are going to do a part 2 cause I’ve seen a lot of part 2(s) flop and sometimes when it’s so good you should leave it alone but I don’t know, I just feel like this one could possibly be better than the first one.”

Lala Anthony: It was definitely awesome to be apart of the sequel and you know my role has definitely expanded tremendously in this one so I’m excited about that and you know anytime you’re working with veteran actors like Tarji Henson, Kevin Hart, you know you can just sit back and learn so much from them they’re so amazing at what they do so I find myself sometimes in scenes that I’m not in just watching like I wanna steal some of their tricks so it’s been great.

Think Like A Man Too 27Terrence Jenkins: “I’m excited to be here to be able to work with them again when Will hit me, ‘you know there’s a sequel right?’ I was like, ‘am I still in it?’ I mean just to be able to hang with these guys and to be able laugh at work and laugh so much I’m in heaven.”


TJ: “We’ve watched Michael grow, I think he’s broken a lot of the mama’s boys tendencies but my mama (Jenifer Lewis) — she hasn’t died so she’s still very much involved she still very much controlling.”

Meagan Good: Mya (Megan Good) and Zeke (Romany Malco) are at the point now where they’ve been together for a while and they’re doing really well except for Zeke’s past keeps rearing its ugly head.

Lauren (Taraji P Henson) keeps the ugly in the past and reveals that we will see a softer side from her character.

Think Like A Man Too 29TPH: “She needed help but her arc is –definitely she is still a power girl, just softer.”

Michael Ealy: “Most of the couples in this sequel it’s all about the maturation process of the relationship and I think Dominic and Lauren are once again pretty solid in the second one but independently confronted with challenges to the relationship that they’re kind of forced to work out individually.

Lala: Well I’m still Meagan Good’s( Mya’s) best friend but now I’m introduced to everyone else in the movie and I’m now apart of the girl crew in a sense so in this movie you know the girls are in Vegas doing their thing guys are doing there thing so you definitely see me apart of all them crazy antics that the girls are getting into.

Think Like A Man Too 32Gary Owens: I think other than Romany, Mike, Kevin, Jerry and Terrance, I think my character (Bennett) is the one most talked about after those five they wanted to see who I was married to, I wanted to see cause the first one I had a whole another visual in my head than her.

The new addition is not the Asian woman Gary visualized in the first installment but the ‘wifey’ comes highly approved by the cast.

Kevin Hart: On a side bar we haven’t said it but we all come from part one but Wendi coming on –I honestly am such a fan like Wendi is very, very funny and it’s so subtle

Wendi McLendon-Covey (Bridesmaids Reno 911!) plays Tish, Bennett’s wife, who was never revealed physically in part one.

Think Like A Man Too 7Wendi McLendon-Covey: I wasn’t in the first one but let me tell you as a viewer for selfish reasons I wasn’t done watching these characters you have to see these relationships though to the end…. And now I am one so Christmas has come for me.

The Girls gave advice so good we believe at some point they actually implemented their characters lessons in their personal lives


Kevin Hart: With Cedric I can say that the whole “misinterpretation thing” you know he takes things and runs with it whether it’s you know correct or incorrect. I do that in real life you know I assume that things are a certain way and I’ll go and plan things accordingly to what I thought it should be and with Cedric that’s the whole thing within this movie.

Think Like A Man Too 26TPH: I think from me being successful and single those being an issue with guys that want to date me. Sometimes they get a little intimidated by my success that’s what I identify with most because I’m very soft and loving and that part I don’t identify with.

GO: I think Bennett is more, how can I put it, he’s the guy that I wish I was more like as far as being unselfish cause he definitely puts his wife and kids before himself and in this line of work yea you have people telling you your great, you can get selfless and self centered so when I watched the first one I was like okay I could really take note put my kids before other stuff but you can get caught up especially when your son’s got a basketball game that three people going to be at and you get Super bowl tickets your like ugh and he doesn’t even start.


Think Like A Man Too 23TPH: We normally do the first take and the script then Tim let’s us have fun.

KH: (jokingly) I’m an on book actor I go by whatever is on the page is what I’m married to. I’m very prepared I don’t like to improv I don’t like to go off course I think that’s where stuff happens when stick to the material cause it’s written so well that’s where the magic happens that’s what I would say.

Lala: Oh no we tell them we pulled Kevin up shut the f up we got to work stop doing this you know but it makes it fun and him improvising a scene and not sticking to the script just adds to the humor and you got to be able to play along and go along with it and again being friends outside the movie helps because you know hoe to react to certain things.

Think Like A Man Too 13TPH: Like I said, we do it scripted and then we get to have fun.

KH: That makes the set amazingly I mean you know its very rare that you can get the director who can let you be creative and bring what you feel your character should do or should be and everybody here has creative input on what it is that we want to do there’s discussions before scenes on how to make scenes better I mean with Romany and Mike you’re looking at two guys who are story trackers like you know, I’m different I don’t come and worried about the story so much I know my character …it’s about making that scene better literally the director allows us to have that input I think that’s why the material we get comes out so much better than what we expected it to because of Tim Story allowing us to go and do what we do.


Think Like A Man Too 5ME: We set a new precedent for the way these movies are promoted because of our presences online and this movie honestly speaking we haven’t even got started yet.

GO: We gon’ bring MySpace back.

TPH: It was basically coming out of an organic fun we are having on the set.

KH: ‘…You’re probably looking at anywhere from 15-20 million people who we can reach as a cast, so as a movie studio yes they have blasted it due in their regular way of promotion but they can’t buy our world that’s our world so now it’s becoming a place where actors and actress you can get smarter about your brand we have what they don’t have which is direct connect to our fans we know what our fans want and I think that is where the power is right now within social media…”

Think Like A Man Too 9TJ: I think people are attracted to what’s real and people are attracted to genuine things and what happens with our social media is it’s so organic the moments that are created … it all comes from a place of us genuinely being friends I think that’s what translates through the photos, through the Instagram, through the twitters and through the screen…

Romany Malco: One thing that I think we are overlooking is that no one expected this film to do what it did the first time out the box and I don’t know if you notice but we put together a video where we thank the fans and in this weird way I feel like how this movie performed on opening night I feel like the fans felt as if they played a big role in the success of this movie. We built this city together not just us not just Will and Tim and not Sony but all of us together fans included and I feel as though giving them all of this social media and pictures behind the scene you kinda includes them in the process again and I believe that’s a big part that keeps them loyal but at the same time express our gratitude.


Think Like A Man Too 12Regina Hall: I love the girls, I didn’t get to bond –I didn’t know all of them for the first one. I didn’t get to know Megan and I’m like oh wow she’s great and LaLa I didn’t know and obviously Wendi I’ve never even met –I felt, I feel that we became really, really good friends

Gabrielle Union: We were in this van thing and just the crap that we would comment on revealed a lot about our personalities and uh again it’s like you’re watching, especially with the girls, you’re watching a lot of friendships blossoming but its all happening organically so there’s so many moments like Wendi and Regina are two of those rare birds that can literally make you laugh so hard you cry.

TPH: I guess for me the most fun I’ve had so far I mean all of the scenes I shot has been like a ride it doesn’t even feel like work it feels like I’m getting paid to have fun with my friends but I guess for me for the girls for me was the poison we go to the club and song comes on and we’ve been dancing on the tables and it just turns into a video and it is so much f-ing fun we had a ball.

Think Like A Man Too 8Lala: Yea it’s fun the funny thing is that in real life we’re friends and we all get along and we just use a lot of that for the scenes and it’s just like girls talking and having a good time. Like today I was in Regina’s trailer fell asleep in there for like two hours we are all very close friends and that translates on screen when we’re acting and stuff.


GU: Just chill out have fun and ride it till the wheels fall off. When you try to micro-manage and control things and will your way into everything it doesn’t always work cause.

Megan: Don’t try and make the person that your with the person that you want them to be let them be who they are and person that you initially fell in love with and don’t try to manipulate even if it’s unintentional and it means someone else.

Think Like A Man Too 11Jerry Ferrara: The first one you can all tell we were friends and it was more about the relationships this one is still about the relationships but to me you really feel especially with the guys and the girls the friendship like what these people are willing to do for each other outside the relationship. What the guys are willing to do for the groom and what the girls are willing to do for the bride even more so than the first one.

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