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Watch Trailer To Mike Brown’s HIV documentary 25 TO LIFE

Watch Trailer To Mike Brown’s HIV documentary 25 TO LIFEPosted by Wilson Morales

June 17, 2014

25 to Life posterSimonSays Entertainment has released the trailer to Mike Brown’s documentary 25 TO LIFE, a gripping and deeply moving portrait of a Philadelphia man’s struggle with HIV. The film will premiere at the American Black Film Festival on June 22nd.

25 TO LIFE tells the story of William Brauner – a Philadelphia based man who kept his HIV status a secret for over 25 years.  As a child, Brawner was infected due to a blood transfusion, but told by his mother to keep his illness a secret. And he did, right into adulthood, going so far as to hide his status from sexual partners, friends and more. But when William decides to face HIV head on and inform his former girlfriends, partners and more about his status, he has to face the decisions he’s made directly. Meanwhile, William also learns about what it means to live openly with HIV.

25 TO LIFE will be the first documentary produced by SimonSays.

Ron Simons says: “We’re delighted to help bring this intimate, compelling and surprising work to life. The potential to engage, educate and influence choices that could affect the health and lives of young people, makes 25 TO LIFE a timely, important film destined to challenge misconceptions about HIV and the challenges faced by families affected by the disease.”

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