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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of JusticePosted by Wilson Morales

March 22, 2016

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice IMAX poster

With Marvel increasing its success rate in the film world financially and at times critically, DC Comics is now pressed to playing catch up. Although they have tried in the past with a couple of Batman and Superman films, both of those franchises are simply not enough to go against the slate that Marvel has coming for the next four to five years. In years past, a Green Lantern film with Ryan Reynolds was a failed attempt to build on the DC universe, so it was time for a reset or come up with something fresh.

Now, we have Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder. This is the same guy who just directed Man of Steel with Henry Cavill, who’s returning to reprise his role as Clark Kent/ Superman. Joining the film is Ben Affleck as the latest Batman. With no Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale, fans are either going to embrace Affleck’s casting or stop him from playing the role in future films.

The idea that DC’s two biggest known heroes would face off in a film, let alone star together, had fans gasping with excitement and intrigue. How would they pull it off and what storyline from the comic books would they use?

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In using some aspects from Frank Miller’s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, Snyder brings in something for the fans to cheer about…for a the time being. Then comes the mistakes. When it was recently announced that Snyder had edited 30 minutes from the theatrical version that will later be seen in the Blu-ray release, skepticism was set in motion. Would the extended scenes or deleted scenes have a major impact on the theater version. Sadly, yes it does. While ‘Dawn of Justice’ brings in plenty of flare for fans and new audiences, one cannot walk away without noticing the plot holes that stops the film from being consistent. There are too many “Whats, Whys, and Hows’” being asked in one’s mind that leaves them baffled.

But make no mistake, Ben Affleck is Batman. For all the naysayers out there who had doubts, it will be gone once they see the film. Affleck’s version has him more bolder, more confident and darker than any of the previous Batmans on screen. As for Cavill, his portrayal of Superman in this film has him more resigned than forthcoming.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The film starts off where ‘Man of Steel’ ends but from Bruce Wayne’s perspective. He’s watching chaos unfold as Superman and Zod are fighting and Superman emerging as the victor as buildings are destroyed and definitely some lives. While the world praises the man in the red cape, Bruce Wayne doesn’t share the same view. If this unearthly figure can prevent tragedy, at what point does the other shoe drop? Batman doesn’t want human beings to know the answers.

Two years later, a large rock from the Kryptonian ship has been discovered in the ocean while somewhere overseas in the African desert Lois Lane and her crew are looking to interview a terrorist leader when his men are gunned down by mercenary soldiers who have their ulterior motives. When Lois is close to death, yet again, Superman is there for the rescue.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The audience is then introduced to Lex Luthor as he negotiates a deal with a government employee to have access to the ship and Zod’s body. Being rich and powerful as he is, Lex doesn’t have official clearance and wants hold of the Kryptonian rock that was discovered, but he’s facing resistance from Senator Finch (Holly Hunter). Finch, through the help of an injured civilian from the Superman-Zod fight, wants to hold Superman accountable for his actions that led to the destruction and deaths of many in his battle with Zod as well as the people killed when he saved Lois. He’s now seen as the enemy of the people.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

With the world, Batman and Lex Luthor against him, Superman doesn’t know where he stands in the world where he grew up. As his current girlfriend Lois Lane tries to explain to him that his actions save the lives, Superman is conflicted. As his quest for power intensify, Lex Luthor sets in motion events that will eventually lead to Batman and Superman facing off in a dual where the outcome isn’t predicted.

Without revealing more details, it’s best to say the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has a lot to offer but fails to put the pieces together. From the fight sequences in the film, the addition of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, who by the way is a scene stealer, to Doomsday and the inclusion of characters that will make up the Justice League, there’s certainly plenty that will please the fanbase that has long wanted to see these aspects come to fruition. The weak link comes in the form of Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. Eisenberg was cast after his Oscar nomination for ‘The Social Network’ and certainly has the chops to display traits of Luthor, but because of the edits or plot holes, it left his character more of a mystery. There’s no logic as to his motives. Either he comes across as a poor man’s Joker wannabe or an unbalanced menace who doesn’t know how best to use his power. Had his character been introduced in “Man of Steel,” one could see the evolution of his hatred for Superman. For a guy with wealth, knowledge and power at his disposal, he certainly has a poor way of using it.

When it comes to the final sequences, Snyder, for better or worse, gets into his “go big or go home” stance. We get the bombastic, overblown and repetitive scenes that will either thrill the fans expecting this and keep them coming back for repeating viewings or wait for the follow up that will hopefully offer of a solid plot.

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Clip – How Many Good Guys

Clip – Stay Down

Clip – Flight To D.C

Clip – Day Versus Knight

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Clip – Don’t Believe Everything

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